G-8 Summit – a „different world" must be a socialist one

Statement of the Central Committee of the MLPD

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26 May 2007

Statement of the Central Committee of the MLPD

G-8 Summit – a „different world" must be a socialist one


Like common criminals behind bars, surrounded by barbed-wire fences, guarded by huge forces of police - this is how the heads of government of the most powerful states of the world are meeting in Heiligendamm near Rostock.

The participants in the summit are the driving forces when it comes to the oppression and exploitation of the peoples of the world. Stuck deep in the mire of imperialist wars – like in Iraq or Afghanistan – they are already planning new military campaigns. In the Iraq war Bush’s promise that the "coming months" would bring about the "pacification" of the country, thus enabling the retreat of the occupation army, failed again and again. In Afghanistan the German federal army is becoming more deeply involved in an unjust war, and the image of a peaceful assistant for building up the country is becoming tarnished. The magnificent promises for more "development aid" in Africa that were made at the last summit and not kept are supposed to be reaffirmed. Actually these are primarily investment aid for the big corporations that only aim at one thing - maximum profits.

With regard to the main topic of the summit, so-called climate protection, the US-government has already declared that it will not abide by any agreement. Because of that Angela Merkel is trying to appear as the would-be protector of the climate. Fact is that the German federal government is massively promoting the construction of further coal-fired power stations and incineration plants, that it prevented regulations for harmful traffic emissions, so sharing responsibility for the fact that in Germany, carbon dioxide emissions increased by 0,6% within the last year. With tax cuts for companies and the redistribution of societal wealth from below to the top, she helps to accelerate the process of international mergers. Fact is that it is not only "locusts" and Hedge funds, it is the fundamental contradiction in capitalism between social production and private appropriation which is coming to a head with the reorganization of international production and which will release itself sooner or later in a new worldwide economic crisis, in spite of all talk about an upswing in the economy.

The Eight are in hard competition over raw materials, lucrative markets and dominating positions on the world market. However, they are united when it comes to preventing the worldwide masses from opposing the imperialist world order, which provides tremendous riches for a few people and condemns millions of people to misery.

To denounce this extreme injustice is the goal of the many and diverse protest actions in connection with the G-8 Summit. Just as every anti-imperialist protest in the world is being called "terror" by those in rule and their wars of conquest are being termed as "wars on terror" in the meantime, those who want to demonstrate against the G-8 Summit are being denounced as potential "terrorists" and being criminalized with search warrants, threatened with preventive custody and odour tests (!).

"A different world is possible" is a central slogan of the demonstration. As to what this world actually looks like, there are differences of opinion. In connection with the joint protests, this question should be debated openly and democratically.

ATTAC and the Left Party are, for example, always talking about an "unchained capitalism" which is subjecting humanity by means of "neoliberal politics", and they are spreading illusions about a supposedly formerly existing "social state". Just as if imperialism had been chained by the state in earlier years. However, the state apparatuses of the imperialist countries have always been instruments of the ruling monopolies. Two world wars are proof of this.

What we want is not "chained" capitalism – we do not want any capitalism at all, because we want to put an end to exploitation and oppression of mankind through mankind.

A different world can only be achieved through a revolutionary overthrow of imperialism with the goal of genuine socialism. Only those who do not dare to look beyond the existing conditions, only those who suppose that humanity could not learn from its first attempts to put socialism into practice fall on their knees before the seeming omnipotence of the ruling powers from the very beginning.

Behind the white facades of Heiligendamm, the building of the imperialist world disorder is actually fouling to its very foundations. All material prerequisites for a really "different", a socialist world order have already long matured. In the common actions of the international workforce of big corporations, in the rallying of anti-imperialist forces around the world, in the worldwide solidarity of the militant women’s movement, in an international front against the threatening environmental catastrophe, one thing becomes clear: the twilight of the gods of the international finance capital has begun. This increases the importance of building, strengthening and promoting the cooperation of Marxist-Leninist organizations.

Whoever wants to make a worthwhile contribution to achieve a really different world in which no longer profits, but human beings are in the center, should organize himself or herself in the MLPD or its youth league Rebell.




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