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March 10, 2006 Hands off Iran – Against Bush's "New War" and its Support by the Merkel/Müntefering Government

Statement of the MLPD CC on peace policy on the occasion of the third anniversary of the imperialist attack against Iraq and the Easter Marches 2006

1. Three years ago, on March 20, 2003, US imperialism started its war against Iraq. To mark this occasion, many organizations and alliances call for an international day of action on March 18, 2006. Initiators of the "Iraq Coordination Germany" have, among others, the following demands:

  • "immediate stop of the US attacks against Iraqi cities,
  • fast and unconditional withdrawal of the occupying powers from Iraq…,
  • stop of any support for the occupation by the German and European governments…,
  • stop of threats against Syria and Iran,
  • non-intervention in the internal affairs of the Arab and Islamic states." (

The MLPD supports this international day of action and the Easter Marches as a contribution to build a militant international peace movement.


2. In 2003, on February 15 alone, about 17 million people in at least 53 countries demonstrated against the imminent military aggression against Iraq.

This peace movement proved completely right. The alleged weapons of mass destruction in Iraq which were to give reasons for the war have never been found. Instead of "freedom and democracy," US imperialism brought brutal oppression, torture and secret prisons. The attempt to get Iraq under the control of US imperialism ended in a debacle for Bush. The resistance of the Iraqi people is justified and has our full solidarity.

The international peace movement is challenged anew. Psychological and practical preparations for the war against Iran are running at full speed.

International finance capital pushes for unimpeded free access to every national economy. The power of disposal over the huge raw material and energy resources in the Middle East and South West Asia is of strategic importance for international finance capital. The planned war against Iran is another link of Bush's "New War" for the redivision of the world.

Worldwide active resistance against Bush's "New War" and the preparation for war against Iran!

Ban and destroy all ABC weapons!


3. The MLPD resolutely condemns fascist terror dressed up with religion. It supports the brave struggle of the Iranian workers and broad masses against the fascist regime of President Ahmadinedjad.

Bush's "New War" takes the "struggle against terror" as pretext to oppress the struggle for national and social liberation. Thus, as early as in 2002, the US rated the CPP (Communist Party of the Philippines) as a "foreign terrorist organization." On February 24, 2006, in view of increasing mass struggles under CPP influence, the US-dependent Arroyo regime declared martial law; leading persons like the long-standing chairman of the biggest trade union movement KMU and congress member, C. Beltran, was arrested.

Right of self-determination of the peoples!

Solidarity with the struggle for national and social liberation!


4. German imperialism participates increasingly in the struggle for the redivision of the world. Now, the German military intends to assume a leading role in occupying the "Democratic Republic of the Congo." "German peace-keeping and peace-making foreign policy"? An untenable myth!

Schröder's "No to the Iraq War" with which the Schröder/Fischer government won the 2003 elections turns out to be a deception of the peace-loving masses in Germany. Coordinated by the present Foreign Minister, Steinmaier (Social-Democratic Party), German secret services supported the conduct of war of the US military in Iraq.

Chancellor Merkel openly demands the "employment also of military means" as a "last resort" (, February 1, 2006) against countries which do not succumb to imperialist dictate despite diplomatic and economic pressure.

Peace and peoples' friendship!

Withdrawal of all German troops from abroad!


5. The increasing aggressiveness with which those in rule in Germany want to assert their interests in foreign policy corresponds with the extension of the domestic apparatus of force. Fighter bombers over the Rügen island for "reconnaissance of the bird flu" and the Federal Army for "protection of the world-championship stadiums" are to create acceptance of the interior employment of the Federal Army by the government.

On this background, it is an illusion to demand "a foresighted policy of peace" of the government. Who wants "war to be no means of policy any more…" (call-up for the 2006 Easter March Ruhr) must go to the roots of the problem. Wars and danger of war are a law of the imperialist world system inherent to it until its world-wide overthrow. In socialism, the needs of the people and not profit will be in the fore. This opens the way for a world without wars and danger of war, in which the peoples of the world work together for mutual advantage.

No interior employment of the Federal Army!

For work, peace, socialism!


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