May 30, 2005: To (nuovo) Partito comunista italiano Commissione Provvisoria (CP) del Comitato Centrale

Dear comrades,
we assure you of our sincere solidarity in view of the new arrests of the comrades Guiseppe Maj and Guiseppe Czeppel by the French authorities and of our support in the struggle for their release. Please send our revolutionary greetings to the arrested comrades and their families as well.
The persecution of the two comrades is in essence directed against the building of a new communist party in Italy. For that purpose already various coordinated actions of the Italian and French state were taken. Already the first arrests of the two comrades in 2003 in France were justified with flimsy arguments. They were imprisoned for six months without a trial and undemocratic conditions imposed on them after their release should prevent every kind of political work.
While the bourgeoisie in all European countries is praising the draft for a new European constitution as the greatest democratic achievement, this new arrests reveal its character: oppression of the democratic rights and liberties of the working people and beyond country borders coordinated state terrorism. This is the social reality intended to guarantee the unlimited rule of a few international monopolies.
At the same time this also shows the fear of those in power of a real upswing in the working class and people’s movement in the European countries. The majority of the French and Dutch people voted for a clear NO in the question of the European constitution and the policy of their governments. This has not only brought the governments in an open political crisis as it has been broken out in Germany already one week before, but at the same time also the entire European Union. The resistance against mass unemployment and the destruction of the social systems is a phenomenon in many countries.
Just in these situations Marxist-Leninist parties and their close cooperation are of particular importance for leading, coordinating and developing the struggles. Only they are able to show to the masses of people the perspective of genuine socialism as a way out of the crisis-ridden capitalist development.
For this reason we are committed to jointly stand up for:
Immediate release of the two arrested comrades!
Forward with the initiative for the building of a new Communist Party of Italy!
Fight for democratic rights beyond country borders!
For a close cooperation of the working class and people’s movement in solidarity in the European countries against the Europe of the international monopolies!
Workers of all countries, unite!
We will make known these attacks in Germany and organize the solidarity. Please, inform us on the further development.
With revolutionary greetings in solidarity
Roland Meister
(Responsible person for internationalism in the CC of the MLPD)


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