April 27, 2005: Militant Greetings of Solidarity to the Miners of Godavari Valley (India)

Dear colleagues

As we could infer from the media the miners of the state-owned Singareni Collieries Company Limited (SCCL) in the Godavari Valley in India are on strike since Monday 25 April. The strike was initiated by the common appeal of various militant unions calling up for a 72 hour walk-out.
According to media reports (daily The Hindu, dated 26 April 2005) 75 percent of the 92,138 employees of the Singareni Collieries Company Limited were participating. With this the underground mining was completely shut down. Only some opencast mines were partially producing in some cases by means of police protection.
The matter of this struggle is to push through the observance of the 7th National Wage Agreement for the mining sector. This agreement regulates among other things a unified wage structure in all mining regions and mining corporations.
Dear colleagues
We are following your resolute struggle with great attention and sympathy. We can assure you that we will make the blue and white collar workers become acquainted with your struggle all over Germany and we are sure that the working people will greatly sympathize with your struggle.
The German miners are also confronted with hard struggles not only against wage cuttings but also confronted with scheduled closings of further pits. Ten thousands of jobs will be annihilated while the Ruhrkohle Corp. (Ruhrkohle AG - RAG) as an international mining company draws tremendous profits on the burdens of the workers and opening up mines all over the world.
We know that also in India ten thousands of miners shall lose their jobs due to privatzation.
The miners in Germany and in Inida have a common enemy. When the miners are standing and fighting together internationally than they are stronger then the international mining companies.

Longs Live International Solidarity
Workers Of All Countries, Unite!


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