11.02.2011: Mubarak at an end : Egypt's masses make a decision for the democratic revolution!

Statement 2 of the MLPD on the development in Egypt

On Friday Mubarak stepped down. Indescribable rejoicing of the masses of people in Egypt. They succeeded with their persistence. On the day before they had felt everything between excitement, joyful anticipation - and then bitter disappointment, anger and hate. Military speakers had indicated that Mubarak was about to step down. Hundreds of thousands of people poured onto „their“ Tahrir Square. But once again, the detested head of state only declared himself to be the leading figure of the transition to „democratic relations“. He appointed his vice-president and former head of secret service, the high military official Suleiman to be his right hand. Promptly the anger of the masses rose to a boiling point. With thumbs turned down or shoes lifted up in their hands (the sign of utmost disdain) the masses made quite clear what they thought about his speech. On Friday afternoon, February 11th, all squares and large streets in all cities are overflowing. Now millions are on the move. Mubarak and his clique have left Cairo and are on the way to Scharm ElSheik. The people do not want to be prevented from chasing out Mubarak “in disgrace” , as an Egyptian told a reporter.

Cosmetics for the reactionary system or democratic revolution?

Up to now the masses have rejected every proposed variety of bourgeois opposition. The mood of awakening represents democratic revolution.

The working class takes up the initiative: a new wave of workers' strikes developed. It spread throughout the country and is concentrating on the industrial zones Port-Said, Alexandria, Suez , etc. Strategically important companies, most of them in transportation, are affected. The food supply of demonstrators in Alexandria is organized by seamen. A week ago the city bus drivers in Cairo had already brought traffic to a stand-still for one day. Buses were allowed to drive only by order of the strike committees to bring the striking workers and employees to the central stadium. There the manifestation of a union independent of the government took place.

A far-reaching stand still of the Egyptian economy would have an impact on all of world trade and world politics. The traffic on the Suez canal is not yet affected. It is one of the most important trade routes, where 14 per cent of the world's goods traffic is passing. And the supply of the navy of most of the world's great powers to the focal points in the Near and Middle East have to pass through this eye of the needle. Up to now the workers have not yet played the trump card of blocking the Suez Canal.

The Egyptian working class is getting a lot of strength from the cross-border revolutionary ferment : around the Mediterranean the waves of protest are rising high. In Jordan thousands are protesting without respect and self-confidently in front of the king's palace, who had no other choice than to dismiss his government. The reactionary government in Yemen is teetering. A breakthrough in Saudi-Arabia, which is hostile to women and still dominated by feudal morals, was the public protest of a women's group yesterday. They demanded the release of political prisoners. More and more women are bringing the increasing militant women's movement into the revolutionary ferment. For Saturday oppositional groups in Algeria have planned a nationwide “day of anger” . They stick to it despite aggressive threats from government and police.

Last but not least, the growing wave of solidarity all over the world is adding strength to the peoples' upheavals around the Mediterranean. An impressive picture of this is just being given by courageous protesters in front of Egyptian embassies in the USA in the midst of heaviest snow storms and strong frost.

Cosmetic reforms within the reactionary system – or democratic revolution, these are the two directions the masses in Egypt are facing! Cosmetics within the existing system also has the support of one wing of the ruling powers and of the military – the democratic revolution is a fierce mass struggle which the ruling powers are brutally opposing with their violence. Our unlimited solidarity belongs to the people of Egypt for its courageous revolutionary struggle for democracy and liberation!

The dilemma of the ruling powers and the imperialists behind them

For the Egyptian bourgeoisie and its allies in the governments in Washington, London, Berlin etc., the calculation is wrong. Their maneuvering space for an „orderly transition“ to maintain their influence in Egypt is dwindling more and more. While Obama speaks in public with admiration for a great „historical change“, behind the curtains his administration is making plans to install an open military dictatorship. It is utter hypocrisy when Foreign Minister Westerwelle points out now that „Germany always took the stand that the observance of human rights is indispensable” . Why then did the federal government court the Mubarak regime for years?

The revolutionary ferment in the Mediterranean is heading towards a new decision.

The MLPD supports with much initiative the regional demonstrations taking place tomorrow, on February 12th , in Germany. For these demonstrations action coalitions with youth leagues, women's organizations , migrant organizations, Arabian clubs, union formations have called up, for example in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Munich, Nuremberg, Stuttgart and other cities.(refer to „www.rf-news.de“ 11 February 2011).


Long live international solidarity !

Workers of all countries - unite!

Workers of all countries and all oppressed - unite!


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