Not Imperialism, Socialism is the only path forward

Common international declaration

The uncontrolled rule of the world capital-market that is being run as a casino by the financial czars, and where the parasitic, speculative character of capital is dominating more and more, has been shaken by an international financial crisis to an unprecedented extent and depth. There is great anxiety and the confidence of the masses in the viability of the capitalist economy has severely been shaken. We call to mind that during the last three decades world capitalism has been hit by various forms of economic and financial crises 30 times. About once per decade, worldwide overproduction crises occurred. Such economic crises are inseparably linked up with the capitalist system. Now, even the IMF has announced that the present financial crisis is more serious than even that of 1930. Accordingly the impending world economic crisis will be deeper and more extensive than the previous ones of 1991 and 2001. In order to save the imperialist system from the financial crisis starting from the US, the Bush administration has pumped $700 billion into the financial markets. These are state subsidies to bail out the financial sharks of the crisis for which they themselves are to be blamed. In financial circles it is being estimated that the capitalist states will spend a total of the inconceivable sum of more than $ 10 trillion in order to check the uncontrolled destruction of capital and to settle the losses of finance capital on the back of the broad masses. All this can temporarily decelerate the worst excesses of the international financial crisis, but it can neither solve it nor cancel it. The measures for checking the crisis will rather even intensify or provoke the future development of crises. There is a growing trend that invests hope and political energy in seeking Keynesian solutions that would be efficacious in transcending the crisis. Given the weakening of the national state structures due to globalization, such solutions will be discovered to be illusory.

These huge sums of money being paid out by various governments, to keep the fat imperialists afloat, are being squeezed out of the people by means of taxes, abolishment of social rights, higher inflation and intensified exploitation, which may cause a considerable aggravation of class contradictions. Even today hundreds of thousands of people are losing their jobs due to the interruption of payment transactions. The imperialist crisis management holds the entire society liable for the incapability of those in power to lead society for the benefit and in the interests of the broad masses. It is a cover for the increased looting of the vast masses and the transfer of this wealth to the hands of a few in the ruling classes. It also shows that the Governments in such imperialist and neo-colonial countries are not working in the interests of the masses but merely to safeguard the imperialist system of exploitation.

This financial crisis reveals the insatiable greed of the ruling finance capital for maximum profits and the corruption of the imperialist economy, which is a parasite on the toiling masses of humanity. The same imperialist system, in which it is possible that a few finance oligarchs are gambling away the fruits of social wealth at the roulette table of speculation, is not by chance also responsible for the US wars of occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq and other onslaughts against the world people. The imperialist world system is against the interests of the majority of mankind and has to be called into question fundamentally and to be overcome.

The upcoming world economic crisis will combine with deep political crises - the already chronic latent political crises will break out deeper and more often. It will intensify the class struggle between the monopolies and the working class, and between the imperialist system and the nations and people of the world to the utmost and constitute the basis for revolutionizing the working class and the broad masses. The ruling classes are well aware that the tendency towards a revolutionary world crisis is inherent in the imperialist world system. For this reason they prepare themselves to maintain their power with every means available to them under the hypocritical banner of the fight against terrorism.

As long as the fundamental contradiction in the imperialist system, between the ever-increasing socialization and internationalization of production and the private appropriation of the produce by the ever narrowing internationally operating finance oligarchs exists, there is no escape from world-wide havoc. That is why Marx and Engels, and later, Lenin, have taught that without overcoming the imperialist system, without its replacement by a socialist social order, the proneness to crisis of society cannot be resolved.

We therefore call upon all Marxist-Leninist Revolutionaries to come together in this period of crisis and organize themselves and to organize the masses for the struggle against the imperialist system and for people's democracy and socialism.

Down with the imperialist system!

March forward along the path of the Worldwide Democratic & Socialist Revolution!

Signatories (State 5-1-2009):

Bulgaria, RESISTANCE MOVEMENT "23 rd September"

Columbia, Communist Party of Columbia – Maoists (PCC-M)

Czech Republic, Communist Party of Czechoslovakia-Czechoslovakian Workers Party (KSC-CSSP);

Germany, Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany (MLPD)

India, Communist Party of India/Marxists Leninists (CPI/ML)

India, Communist Party of India (Marxists Leninists) PCC (CPI (ML) PCC)

Luxembourg, Communist Organization of Luxembourg (KOL)

Nepal, Nepalese Communist Party/Mashal (NCP/Mashal)

Netherlands, GML/Red Morning

Romania, New Communist Party of Romania (NCPR)

Russia, Marxist-Leninist Platform

Russia, Russian Maoist Party (RMP)

Serbia, Workers Party (Partija Rada)

Switzerland, Workers Education Zürich

Turkey, North-Kurdistan, Bolshevist Party (BP NK-T)

Ukraine, Coordinating Council of the Workers’ Movement from the Ukraine (KSRD)


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