Greetings of MLPD to May Day 2008

Dear comrades, on the occasion of May Day 2008, the MLPD extends to you the warmest and most sincere greetings from Germany. We are celebrating the international day of struggle of the working class with demonstrations and events in more than 100 cities and feel closely united with the struggling workers and masses of people in all parts of the world. This year’s May Day here bears the mark of the working class offensive. During the last months hundreds of thousand of workers from various branches took to the streets for higher wages and salaries. Trainees, active young trade unionists and many youth organizations are among those who are standing in the first line in the struggle for training, jobs, culture and future and they will be a characteristic feature of May Day. The government is rapidly losing credit. The masses are searching for a societal perspective and are becoming more open for the alternative of genuine socialism.

Among our most important demands are:

  • Fight mass unemployment at the expense of profits – for the 30-hour workweek with full wage compensation!

  • Combat mass poverty. Down with the Hartz IV laws and the retirement age of 67. Rise in unemployment benefits for an unlimited period of time. For a legal minimum wage of 10 Euro per hour.

  • For a full legal right to strike in all matters! For the defense and extension of our democratic rights and liberties! Ban all fascist organizations.


Against the background of the reorganization of the international production, common demands against the international monopolies are uniting us worldwide; our struggles are linking up with each other. The revolts of the masses in many countries against famine are a worldwide denouncement of capitalism. The close fighting community of Marxist-Leninist and other revolutionary forces is indispensable for raising the struggles to a higher level. This is being aspired to and realized more and more.


Take to the streets on May Day !

Workers of all countries, unite !

For a future in genuine socialism !


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