March 28, 2003: The Iraqi Resistance against the US Aggression is Just!

Iraq newsletter 15

Aktiver Widerstand gegen Bushs Irak Krieg1. US imperialism being sure of its victory has been cut down to size. Instead of conquering the country by just marching through its troops are stuck 100 kilometers before Baghdad. One week after the beginning of the war the British and US forces have become entangled in battles involving heavy losses everywhere in the country. US President Bush allegedly set out to bring freedom to the people. However, instead of being acclaimed as liberators the invasion forces are facing the stubborn resistance of the people. The Iraqi people is waging a just war for defending its national sovereignty against the aggressors.


2. This was different in 1991. The Gulf War was preceded by the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq. Saddam Hussein himself pursued his own reactionary hegemonic interests in the region. This threatened the plans for world domination of US imperialism and an unjust war was started for domination and spheres of influence by both sides. Today the situation has changed.

Saddam Hussein is continuing to exercise his reactionary rule at home, but after the defeat in the last Gulf War he is neither economically nor militarily in a position to attack a neighboring country. US imperialism is waging a war on Iraq that is in violation of international law in order to establish its hegemony over the whole region. In this attempt the armies of Great Britain and the USA do not shrink from a barbaric bombing terror against the civilian population. Even today the lives of hundreds of thousands of people are being threatened by the destruction of important sections of the infrastructure (water, electricity, sewage).

3. As in Panama or Afghanistan the USA is arrogating to itself the right to topple the government in Iraq and subjugate the social conditions to their dictate. From the standpoint of the right of sovereignty and self-determination of the peoples this cannot be justified by the fact that there is an open reactionary military dictatorship. An overthrow of the regime of Saddam Hussein by the USA would bring about no change regarding the exploitation and oppression of the workers and peasants in Iraq. The intended establishment of a protectorate would rather put Iraq at the mercy of the colonial subjugation and plundering by the USA and aggravate the situation in the struggle for national and social liberation of the peoples in the Middle East.

4. To subordinate temporarily the development of the struggle against the reactionary Hussein regime to the requirements of the struggle against US imperialism, does not, of course, mean that Saddam Hussein will be converted to an anti-imperialist. In the same way the anti-imperialist struggle must not be equated with the abandonment of class struggle for the overthrow of the reactionary Baath regime. At every moment it must rather waged in such a way that the development of people's resistance and of guerilla war in combination with the general arming of the people will strengthen the class forces in order to go over to the overthrow of the Hussein dictatorship after the victory over US imperialism. A people that is able to defeat US imperialism will also cope with Saddam Hussein.


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