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March 24, 2003: Warning to the Federal Government! The Peace Movement will not Join in Supporting the War on Iraq

Iraq newsletter 12

Aktiver Widerstand gegen Bushs Irak Krieg1. Amazing things are happening in Germany since the beginning of the war on Iraq. On one hand Federal Chancellor Schroeder is feeling sorry for the beginning of the war, on the other hand he is holding the view that what maters now is to bring the war to an end as soon as possible. At the same time he abstained from condemning the war of aggression waged by the US and Great Britain: This is not the moment of accusations.”
Thus the Federal Government made an unmistakable turn regarding its former attitude. Public criticism of the war changed into a public demand for a quick success in the war. It is hypocrisy to substantiate this by referring to the suffering of the Iraqi people. Support for the war is immediately directed against the active resistance of the Iraqi people and the international peace movement.

2. The mass media as well has changed the way of their reporting accordingly. This reporting consists almost only of war reports has become considerably less critical as regards its content. In the media one can hear almost only military experts while critical voices are hardly to be heard. Antiwar actions are partly mentioned but at the same time passed off as futile in order to demoralize the people. A lot of actions are not reported at all.

3.The peace movement did not join in the change of course of the Federal Government and the mass media since the beginning of the war and maintained its independence. The antiwar demonstrations and activities are gaining strength since the beginning of the war and the call to ”Stop the War” is getting louder. On ”Day X ” alone nearly 1 million fighters for peace were active in Germany: with rallies, demonstrations, school boycotts, protest strikes and other protest actions. Millions of people were again demonstrating against the war worldwide at the weekend. 
At the same time it is obvious that reprisals against the war opponents are increasing.
In schools in North Rhine-Westphalia  it was announced that students participating in antiwar actions during the lessons would be fined. Activities against the war in the enterprises are being oppressed systematically. Members of the works council of the German Trade Union Federation are partly participating in this oppression.  

4. The US-strategy of ”shock and awe” has obviously failed. The war troops of the USA and Great Britain are encountering persistent resistance not only by soldiers but also by civilians in the cities which they have not expected. Various reporters are telling about the troops being totally surprised about the Iraqis who are putting up resistance heroically. Also the latest pictures of US soldiers being captured, wounded or killed are a heavy blow to the psychological conduct of war of the USA which presented itself as being invincible and thought to gain victory from the very beginning. The advance of the US troops had to be brought to an unscheduled stop for several times because they suffered heavy casualties. After the stock market prices have soared by 25 per cent within 10 days until 21 March since it was decided to go to war they fell again drastically on Monday after this disenchantment. The quick victory of the aggressors has been called into question sensitively. The old lesson is still valid that not the arms technology but the people can finally play a decisive role in the outcome of a war. An imperialist superpower can be defeated as well by the strong will of the people in a people’s war!

5. An important issue of the active resistance against the war on Iraq is to break the new line of propaganda of the Federal Government and the German media. The active resistance is alive and is developing mainly against the countries that are waging war, USA and Great Britain. But it must also be directed against the Federal Government which has obviously changed sides and is preparing to secure its share of the spoils of war when they are divided after the war. Therefore, the MLPD has set up a new forum ”Active Resistance” on its home page under It is designed to exchange experiences, to coordinate the active resistance, and to further develop the struggle for peace. The Monday’s actions must become a rallying-point of the struggle for peace which will not be used by the Federal Government for its imperialist pacifism and will stand up resolutely for the immediate stop of the war on Iraq.


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