March 18, 2003: Bush Pronounces Start of the War

Iraq newsletter 7

Aktiver Widerstand gegen Bushs Irak Krieg1. At March 18 at 2 o'clock in the morning (CET) US president Bush pronounced war against the Iraq. Before that the Iraqi government shall ultimately be demanded to capitulate and to leave the country within 48 hours. This is a pure imperialist aggression. Bush who thinks of himself to be the crusader against the evil and for peace and democracy tramples on international law. He also ignores the declared will over the enormous majority of the world people. The new US military strategy is his only justification according to which a war is not only legitimate as an answer to military attack or an immediate threat but preventively in expectation of future threats. With this the super power USA takes the right to aggress any sovereign state militarily in future which stands in the way of the realisation of their plans for world domination. A precedent is exercised here that lets us expect a serial of imperialist wars in future. No-one shall believe that the USA would abstain from focussing old allies to as far as their imperialist interests require to. So, the war against the Iraq intensifies the general danger of war.


Facing the coming start of the war, bourgeois media an politicians spread demoralising thesis that the peace movement did not gain its objectives. In contrast we have to record the following:

Despite monopolistic mass media and systematic manipulation of opinion US-imperialism has failed in its psychological warfare in order to win over the masses to support its war. The largest peace movement has occurred since the war against Vietnam, also in the USA, on a worldwide scale. The social structures of this "new world order" by the grace of the US have been sensibly disturbed. Bush is isolated politically, ministers are disserting Blair.

One have to overcome the conditions war occurs from in order to prevent a war. The worldwide peace movement started to move a lot, but in order to become a force that changes the society it must still gain a lot of strike power and clarity.

World War I was finished by the Socialist October Revolution and by the November Revolution in Germany. World War II was brought to an end by the overthrow of Hitler fascism. The war against Vietnam was ended by the victory of the just people's war supported by the worldwide solidarity movement. Finally the alternative stands as follows: Whether the war-mongers end the war or they are deprived of power by the people masses of the world.


The entire procedure makes clear: International law and the UN Security Council are only important as long as they have a beneficial effect on the super power USA or other imperialists The US government declares to decide to attack other countries oneself and arbitrarily. War can only be brought to an end quickly by the worlwide active resistance - and nit within the "framework (...) of the United Nations" (Chancellor Schröder. March 18 2003). The Federal Government ensured to support the war illegal according to international law by means of the right to overfly and by means of AWACS-aircrafts. The must be prevented.

Active resistance against an illegal war according to international law against the Iraq!

Immediate stopping of any kind of direct and indirect support by the Federal Government!

For an unlimited right of assembly and demonstration on an anti-fascist basis! For a a complete and all-sided legal right to strike!


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