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February 6, 2003: US Secretary of State Powell cannot Convince the World Public: Join the Nationwide Demonstration of the Peace Movement in Berlin on February 15

Declaration of the Central Committee of the Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany

Stoppt die US-Aggression gegen das irakische Volk1. Under great pressure to find a satisfying explanation, US President Bush had announced to provide irrefutable "proof" at the UN meeting on February 5, 2003. But in his presentation of more than one hour at the UN meeting, Powell completely failed to prove "that Iraq possesses weapons of mass destruction". He presented photos, CIA-drawings and tape recordings that could have been fabricated or forged anywhere or taken from any time in the past. With the argument that he could not expose secret service sources, Powell gave unproved assertions. What strange forms this presentation has taken becomes obvious in the CIA-produced computer graphics supposed to show mobile factories for biological weapons on trucks. These graphics are said to have been produced by the account of a former CIA staffer, who, however, is not named. All this has been stage-managed according to the slogan: something of it will stick to peoples' minds. Powell's presentation was a media show with live broadcast in all countries of the world in order to manipulate public opinion in favor of the USA. The response, however, is a critical world public and an international peace movement that is gaining momentum. On February 6, the London newspaper "Guardian" made a pointed comment on Powell's presentation: "Many pieces of evidence, if ever, have to be accepted on the basis of trust. Powell's sources are mainly anonymous defectors, prisoners, spooks of the Third World and US-secret services". [Our own translation from the German]

2. Actually, the war prepared against Iraq does not have anything to do with Saddam Hussein's possession of weapons. The "New War" as announced by President Bush in the fall of 2001 is scheduled to take 15 to 20 years. The objective of US finance capital is the redistribution of the spheres of power and influence in the world in favor of the USA and the forcible suppression of the peoples' struggles for liberation. The US fears that its hitherto loyal ally and main oil supplier, Saudi-Arabia, will become unstable and unpredictable. US circles believe that "Iraq (and only Iraq) has got the potential to replace Saudi-Arabia as the key country to safeguard the Western or American supplies" (Michael Ehrke, Friedrich Ebert Foundation). Iraq is believed to possess the richest oil reserves in the world, but they can neither be exploited nor used by the USA under the present conditions. In addition, there is the strategically important position of Iraq with its direct borders with Saudi-Arabia and Iran. The military occupation of Iraq is only the next step towards a reorganization of the region of the Middle East and Southeast Asia.


The opposition of France, Germany, China and Russia in the UN to the US course is attributable to differing imperialist interests. This opposition does not mean at all that these countries, to protect their interests, were not ready to wage war against other peoples. This is demonstrated by their joint actions in Afghanistan as well as in Russia's intervention in Chechnya; or by the fact that meanwhile the German Federal Armed Forces are deployed in 14 countries. By providing air space and facilities in Germany, the German government directly supports the deployment of US troops. However, the German federal government must also take into account the people's strong desire for peace, considering the fact that four and a half months after the national elections it is on the brink of a government crisis. The masses of people are no longer willing to be governed in the old way. Those in power believe that their only way out is the open reactionary attack against the social and political rights of the working people; this is a challenge for the militant opposition and working-class struggles. There is no reason to show consideration for the crisis-ridden government: No support for the war against Iraq by the government.


The US government is determined to wage the war. On February 14, the UN meeting will take place, and the USA has stated clearly that, if necessary, it will start the war on its own together with some other governments. Starting on February 15, more than 70 per cent of the state territory of Kuwait will be sealed off. In the meantime the USA and Great Britain even threaten to use nuclear weapons. The masses of the people and the worldwide active resistance against the war are the main impediment for the warmongers. Only border-crossing active resistance can stop the war against Iraq or force those in power to end the war.


But anyone who wants to abolish wars permanently must stand up for the overthrow of the imperialist system and for the building of a socialist world order. Only when the peoples themselves decide on their own fate will their enormous wealth become a blessing. Only when the exploitation of man by man is abolished will there be no longer any reason to oppress other peoples. Then the road to a peaceful world order will be open.


Join the nationwide mass demonstration in Berlin on February 15:

Stop the war against Iraq - active resistance against Bush's "New War"!

No support for the war by the German government! Withdrawal of all German troops from foreign countries!

Ban and destroy all ABC-weapons!

FRG - out of NATO!

Dissolution of NATO, the West European Union and of intervention forces of the federal army!

For peace, freedom - genuine socialism. Strengthen the MLPD!

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