April 8, 2003: For an International Front of Active Resistance for the Preservation of World Peace!

The 15th of February 2003 set a historical signal with the biggest world demonstration for peace up to now: at least 18 million people demonstrated worldwide and in a coordinated manner against the imperialist war of aggression of the USA on Iraq. They are protesting not only against the aggression of US imperialism against Iraq; they are also in pursuit of a world without wars, without exploitation and oppression of other peoples.

The decision of the US Administration for the war on Iraq has been made, although no weapons of mass destruction could be found in more than 700 weapons inspections. The military attack against Iraq has begun. Bush declares the establishment of "democratic conditions" in Iraq as a new war aim. With this explanation US imperialism can justify a war against many states.

It is the striving of imperialism towards world domination that constitutes the driving force for war. It is a part of a newly ignited struggle for the redivision of the world among the strongest imperialist powers. The war on Iraq is the beginning of an imperialist realignment of the entire Middle East. US imperialism is economically dependent on the direct military occupation of more and more countries in the world. France, Russia, Germany and China have opposed the war plans of US imperialism. However, is this proof of a peaceable nature? The foreign ministers of Russia, France and Germany declared on 6 March 2003: "As our aim is the peaceful and complete disarmament of Iraq we have the possibility today to reach a comprehensive settlement for the Middle East by peaceful means." They as well disregard the right of the peoples and nations to self-determination and arrogate to themselves a "restructuring" of the region according to their imperialist interests. The contradictions to the USA merely are related to the different methods in this struggle. Imperialist "peace" dictates must be rejected in the same way as imperialist wars themselves. The worldwide peace movement is well advised to preserve its independence and refrain from taking sides in the inter-imperialist dispute. The active resistance beyond country borders is the order of the day to stop the imperialist warmongers.

Wars and the danger of wars will exist as long as imperialism exists. The workers and the oppressed of all countries must unite internationally in the struggle against imperialism for a world without exploitation and oppression. The workers of the various countries must resist being forced to wage war against each other for reactionary objects. Workers of all countries, unite!

In the peace struggle the realization will grow that the perspective of the struggle for world peace lies in the overthrow of imperialism and the construction of a socialist world order.

We signatories commit ourselves to contribute to the worldwide development and coordination of this active resistance:

Ÿ          with mass strikes, mass demonstrations, blockades, boycotts of lessons, etc.;

Ÿ         actions of active resistance beyond borders,

Ÿ         mutual information, exchange of experience and participation of delegations in the various countries.

We call on the peoples of the world:

Build an international front of active resistance against the imperialist war!

Immediate withdrawal of all foreign troops from the Middle East!

Dissolution of the NATO! Ban on and destruction of all ABC weapons!

For the right of self-determination of the peoples and nations!

Solidarity with the revolutionary liberation struggles in the entire world!

For peace, friendship among peoples and socialism!


Signatories until now (8.4. 2003): WPB (Workers Party of Bangladesh); MLPD (Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany); KOE (Communist Organization of Greece); KOL (Communist Organization of Luxembourg); GML/Rode Morgen, the Netherlands; CPSA/ML (Communist Party of South Africa/Marxist-Leninist); CPI/ML-Red Flag, India; OCML-VP, France; Internet magazine ‚freeindiamedia‘, India; Confederation of Human Rights Organisations, India; PC(ML) Bolivia; Madan Aashrit Memorial Foundation; Nepal; PC(ML) Peru;  Movimiento Nueva Democracia, Peru; Instituto para la Solidaridad Internacionalista, Peru; CPI-ML New Democracy, India; PCMLE; Ecuador; SNRTE (National and Revolutionary Union of the Workers at Euzkadi-Continental), Mexico; CP-(n) PCI (Comissione Preparatoria del Congreso di Fondazione del (nuovo) Partito Comunista Italiano), Italy; CARC (Comitati di Appoggio alla Resistenza per il Comunismo), Italy; RMP (Russian Maoist Party), Russia; RKWP/PRC (Russian Communist Workers Party/Party of Russian Communists), Russia; Baloldali Front - Munkas Ifjusagi Szovetseg (Hungarian Left front Workers' Youth Alliance), Hungary; Partija Rada (Workers' Party), Yugoslavia; KSM (Communist Youth Union), Czech Republic; NDFP (National Democratic Front of the Philippines).


We request you to help to distribute and sign this declaration, further supporters can address the present signatories. It exists also a German, French and Spanish version.


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