April 07, 2003: US Financial Capital is Pressing for a Quick Realization of its Business

Iraq newsletter 20

Aktiver Widerstand gegen Bushs Irak Krieg1. With the USA closing the ring around Baghdad and advancing their tank corps into the city, they are creating the impression that victory is imminent. Actually they were not able to conquer any of the big cities in Iraq yet. Bitter active resistance of the population would hardly allow the military seizure of Baghdad without tremendous casualties on the part of the US troops. In house-to-house fighting the technical superiority of their weaponry is relative. That is why  they are trying to demoralize the people by demonstrating incredible brutality. In the outlying suburbs of Baghdad, entire blocks of houses are being "shredded” (US Spokesman Brooks). Reports already talk of  3,000 persons having been killed this weekend alone.

2. The invading US troops are acting under double pressure. Facing growing worldwide outrage, they cannot politically afford to wage a war lasting for months and having tremendous casualties. Above all, the stock market is lying in wait of a quick realization of its business. The Bush administration concluded treaties with US-companies for re-establishing the infrastructure to have the oil-wells be producing within one year. Philipp Carol, former president of Shell, has been designated to administrate the oil resources. The USA want to proclaim their protectorate quickly, if necessary even without capturing Baghdad.

3. At the same time, a struggle over the post-war system is developing. US-Security Advisor Rice proclaims that the USA would be entitled to the predominance over the post-war administration due to the "high blood toll”. Accordingly, the US-House of Representatives decided to agree to the preliminary costs of 80 billion US-dollars for the war only if companies from Germany, Russia, France and Syria are excluded from all orders in Iraq. Russia, France and Germany are pressing for the UN to determine the post-war system in order to ensure a bigger influence for themselves. The Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Fedotow is threatening: "Russia is going to defend its legitimate economic interests”. The contradictions between the imperialists are sharpening.

4. The war on Iraq is only a phase in the struggle for the redivision of the spheres of influence in the  in the Middle East with its tremendous oil resources. The peace movement must maintain its independence and avoid being manipulated by imperialist competitive rivalry. To achieve enduring peace, the cause of wars, the imperialist striving for world power, must be eliminated and a socialist society must be established.


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