February 27, 2002: Solidarity Declaration with the Workers on Strike in South Korea

Dear fellow workers,

From Germany we send you militant greetings and ensure our full solidarity with your strike.

We will make public your justified struggle against the privatization of state-owned enterprises, against the destruction of jobs and for the shortening of working hours and will organize solidarity in Germany. End state repression! For the immediate release of the detained workers!

In Germany, the state is also engaging in the politics of the privatization of public services, the massive destruction of jobs and further flexibilization in the service of the international monopolies. We can learn from you in order to combine the struggles in civil service with the struggles in the industrial enterprises, especially in the automotive sector, in the steel factories and in mining.

We stand up for the joint offensive economic militant slogan: 6-hour day with full wage compensation! This is also an important issue of the militant women’s movement and will play a role on March 8th, International Women’s Day. This slogan is also most suitable for combining the struggles of the workers on an international level. In addition, we demand a full and legal right to strike in Germany.

During the economic crisis, the living conditions of the masses are worsening because of the comprehensive attacks. But in the preparation of the collective bargaining rounds the fighting spirit in the factories is growing. Reformist forces are maintaining that you cannot fight during a crisis. But the workers reject taking the economic situation of the capitalists and the coming government elections into consideration.

Millions are being spent by Bush for the ”New War” and democratic rights are being dismantled under the pretext of ”fighting against terrorism”. But actually, this is directed against the growing resistance of the workers and the masses of people worldwide and against the revolutionary movements.

It is necessary that the workers and the oppressed people’s masses coordinate their struggles internationally and develop them to a higher level. We stand up for a liberated society, for genuine socialism.

It is a question of the future of us all and especially that of the youth.

Workers of all  countries unite!

We wish you success in your strike!

Long live international solidarity!

Sincerely yours in solidarity,


Roland Meister

Responsible for Internationalism in the Central Committee of the MLPD

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