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October 8, 2001: Statement by the Central Committee of the Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany (MLPD) against the US invasion of Afghanistan!

On 7 October 2001 at 6.27 p.m., after several weeks of preparation, the USA, together with Great Britain, invaded Afghanistan. This attack with aircraft carriers, submarines and bombers is a military aggression against the people of Afghanistan! The bombing is being concentrated upon the cities of Kabul, Jalalabad and Kandahar. Densely populated areas are being bombed continuously and thousands of people are threatened with injury, loss of lives and homes.

The MLPD resolutely demands that reactionary and fascist terrorists be prosecuted just like it demands the ban of all fascist organizations. But the military attacks against Afghanistan have nothing to do with revenge for the reactionary terrorist attacks of 11 September. Even shortly before the start of the US intervention, Washington categorically rejected all conditions of the Afghan government for extraditing bin Laden. The US government was not in the least interested and declared, "The time is up."

What goals are really being pursued by the US government? The US invasion serves the occupation of an economically and strategically important region in the Middle East and Central Asia. About 75% of the world’s oil reserves and 33% of the natural gas reserves are situated in the region around Afghanistan and in the surrounding countries. The MLPD resolutely condemns that young men and women are being driven into a reactionary war in the interest of the profits of international monopolies. The entire purpose is the redivision of imperialist spheres of influence and power.

US president Bush announced that the attack upon Afghanistan is only the first step in the "New War" which is to last at least five to fifteen years. Under the pretext of "struggling against terrorism", this "New War" is directed against all justified struggles for national and social liberation in the entire world. The term "terrorism" discriminates the liberation struggle of the people of Palestine, as well as the struggles and uprisings of the working-class and people's movements in Latin America and the anti-IMF protests in Gothenburg and Genoa.

The justified grief over the innocent victims of the terrorist attacks can in no way justify the "New War". Bush wants to dictate his "New War" upon the entire world by declaring, "Whoever is not on our side is against us!" Osama bin Laden divides the world into "believers and unbelievers" and justifies the implementation of all means against "unbelievers". The MLPD rejects the US invasion as well as the reactionary regime of the Taliban or Osama bin Laden!

Simultaneously with the start of warfare, German chancellor Schroeder declared his unlimited solidarity with the US invasion on behalf of the SPD/Alliance 90/Greens administration. Schroeder is not speaking on behalf of the majority of the German population! He represents the interests of the monopolies and the imperialist logic of the new NATO-strategy. For the first time in its history, NATO declared a situation of "collective defense". That means that Germany, in its own admission, is at war for the first time since World War II.

Even if German federal troops are not yet directly involved, Germany gives logistic support for the US Invasion and protects American institutions in Germany. Furthermore, Germany takes over the military command in the occupation of Macedonia in order to relieve the USA and Great Britain. Direct interventions by the German federal army in and around Afghanistan are being prepared. In connection with the "New War", Germany apparently wants to advance into the front ranks of the great powers.

The invasion of Afghanistan was not only being prepared militarily in the past four weeks. The masses of people worldwide were supposed to be won for the attack by means of psychological war preparation in the media. But a growing majority in many countries is critical of the "New War" and more and more people openly reject it. Immediately after the start of the US invasion, protests took place worldwide and thousands of people went into the streets.

Under the pretext of fighting against terrorism and with the declaration of a situation of "collective defense" and the start of the war, democratic rights and liberties are being massively dismantled. The first stage of the emergency laws comes into force. With the "Rasterfahndung" (the pinpointing of suspects by means of computer analysis of data on many people) almost everyone gets into the visor of the secret services, especially those who now want to become active against Bush’s "New War". It is no coincidence that shortly before the US invasion the media spread the news that the German federal office of criminal investigation was preparing for "mass protests and new terrorist attacks" in case of the start of warfare. Mass protests and terror are being put on the same level in a demagogic fashion! It is also part of an atmosphere of spying and government dictate that critical journalists like Ulrich Wickert of channel ARD are supposed to be silenced. The many and diverse critical voices and protests against the "Rasterfahndung" are completely justified. The MLPD stands for the consequent defense and extension of democratic rights and liberties. Down with the emergency laws!

The US government maintains that the attacks are not being directed against the Afghan people. As proof of this, sacks of rice are being thrown down along with the bombs. Doesn’t this mean making use of the people’s hunger as a means of warfare in order to win them over for the US invaders? This is outright cynicism against the people!

Our solidarity goes to the liberation struggle of the Afghan people from all exploitation and oppression. We thereby support the militant women’s movements, the progressive and revolutionary forces in Afghanistan. For years they have been struggling against the Taliban government, but also against all forms of imperialist intervention by such countries as the USA and Russia. The US invasion in no way benefits the people, but serves alone their further oppression through the intended installation of a puppet regime dependant on the USA under King Zahir Schah.

With the start of the US invasion of Afghanistan the time has come for active resistance. The MLPD supports the calls, which have already been prepared, to assemble on day X after the start of a war, that means on Monday, 8 October at 5 or 6 p.m. at central points in all cities in Germany. It is necessary to oppose there in public the imperialist war and to demonstrate massive active resistance. The MLPD and its youth league REBELL call up for participation in the big demonstrations of the peace movement on 13 October in Berlin and Stuttgart.

We demand:

  • USA – out of Afghanistan!
  • For an immediate end of all support of the US invasion by the German federal government!
  • Dissolution of the NATO and the crisis reaction forces of the German federal army!
  • Oppose the dismantling of democratic rights and liberties – down with the emergency laws!
  • Ban all reactionary-fascist organizations and prosecute all criminals acting on their instructions!
  • For the right of self-determination of peoples and nations!
  • Solidarity with the struggle for national and social liberation of the Afghan people!
  • For peace, friendship among peoples and genuine socialism!
  • Long live international solidarity!
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