October 12, 2001: Bush's "New War" is a Declaration of Permanent War to the World

Statement of the Central Committee of the Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany (MLPD)

With the US invasion in Afghanistan it becomes increasingly obvious that the real aim of the war is not Bin Laden but the overthrow of the sovereign Taliban regime. The White House speaker declared that even after Bin Laden's death, "the war" would "continue." Hitherto there is no proof at all for the participation of the Taliban regime in the reactionary terror attacks in the USA. With vague suspicions of "support of terrorism," in the US logic, more invasions of the Sudan, Palestine, Iraq, etc could follow.

The USA already declared publicly that the military aggression against the Afghan people is only the first military stage of a long-prepared "New War." This war is to continue for "10 to 15 years" and to include further "actions referring to other organizations or states." Bush declared that "any means of diplomacy, any possibility of the secret services and any necessary war weapon" are to be used. The USA arrogates to itself to take action over years, in an unbridled way and all over the world against anybody who opposes them. Bush's "New War" – this is nothing else but a declaration of permanent war to the world under the pretext of "fighting terrorism."

The permanent bombing of Afghanistan since October 7th shows the character these wars will adopt. Already now, it has murdered hundreds of civilians and triggered a new wave of refugees. A massive deployment of ground troops is in preparation. The USA have chosen the reactionary Islamic Northern Alliance as their main ally in Afghanistan. Before 1996, the Northern Alliance had already been in power in Afghanistan and proved by brutal terror, mass rapes and oppression of the people that it is not essentially different from the Taliban. The masses feel deep hatred against it, too. Therefore, the USA obviously count upon a permanent military occupation of Afghanistan. We, however, support the liberation struggle of the Afghan people which is directed against the reactionary-feudal Taliban as well as against the USA and their lackeys.

It is precisely against the beginning worldwide upsurge of the struggle for national and social liberation that Bush's "New War" is directed. The system of plundering and oppressing the developing countries – neocolonialism – has entered a new, deep crisis. In the nineties, under the banner of neoliberalism, the developing countries were opened completely to the international monopolies. This entailed severe economic and political ruin. All over the world, there is growing unrest, strikes, rebellions and powerful mass movements. Therefore, the next step of the imperialist countries is to threaten militarily and occupy an increasing number of countries.

This is justified by a new definition of "terrorism," as will be applied in the future by the European Union for instance. Accordingly, "terrorism" means any action "started against one country or several countries or their institutions or population, with the intention of undermining or even destroying their political, economic or social order" (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, September 19, 2001). This is nothing but the licence for oppressing the international revolutionary working-class movement and the anti-imperialist liberation struggle of the oppressed peoples by force!

The MLPD resolutely condemns the reactionary fascist terrorism of forces like those of Bin Laden. It resolutely advocates punishment of fascist terrorists as well as the ban of all fascist organizations. Also, it vehemently opposes the state terror as demonstrated powerfully by US imperialism at the moment. However, the MLPD is also of the opinion: a people must be allowed to defend itself against military attacks and imperialist war. Therefore, the MLPD determinedly objects to the massively forwarded dismantling of bourgeois-democratic rights and liberties which is connected with the alleged struggle against terrorism. The exploited and oppressed of this world have the right to struggle for their liberation.

Concretely, the US invasion of Afghanistan serves to control the geostrategically important region of Central Asia that with rich raw material resources. The purpose is the redivision of the imperialist spheres of power and influence. Even though, for the time being, all imperialist countries act together, this alliance will break after a while, the interimperialist contradictions will emerge openly and will, eventually, even come into the focus. At the same time, the imperialists increasingly infuriate the masses of workers and peoples of the world. Already today, four fifths of the world population reject Bush's "New War." The war will sharpen all contradictions on a worldwide level and will eventually prepare, against the will of its initiators, the soil for the future development of a new revolutionary world crisis.

The FRG supports the US invasion financially, logistically and also by taking over the top command of the occupation of Macedonia. When Schröder visited the USA, he explicitly declared on October 11th, that a military mission of the Bundeswehr (German Federal Army) is also necessary. This is already eagerly prepared behind the stage. A massive psychological preparation of war is going on and a general attack is launched against the democratic rights and liberties. This must meet with the resolute resistance of all democrats and peaceloving people.

Bush's "New War" meets rejection and protest all over the world. On October 7th, more than 20,000 protesters gathered in rallies and demonstrations in about 60 cities in Germany. The MLPD welcomes and supports the big demonstrations in Berlin and Stuttgart on October 13th. It stands up for active resistance against Bush's "New War." It particularly counts upon the youth as the most active and vital force. It works for the working-class movement assuming its role in the active resistance. It counts upon the trump card of international solidarity. It takes a stand for peace, friendship among peoples and genuine socialism. Get organized to strengthen active resistance!


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