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April 27, 1999: Active resistance against the NATO war in Yugoslavia! 6-hour working day without loss of pay - worldwide!

Dear colleagues,

Since 110 years May Day has been the international day of struggle of the working class. This year May Day must become a day of struggle of the International working-class solidarity. The situation is critical: For the first time since World War II Germany is involved in an imperialist war. The active resistance is developing against this involvement. During the last months the unity of German and foreign workers has been solidified in the struggles for better wages and jobs. Now, the working-class unity must become the solid basis of the active resistance against the NATO war in Yugoslavia. People from Germany can give the signal for the international working-class unity - by staging common demonstrations of German, Serbian, Albanian, Kurdish, Turkish workers as well as workers from other countries. We workers must not allow the attempts to be turned against each other in an imperialist war! Therefore, on 1 May the streets belong to the international working-class unity - against the shifting of the burdens of crisis onto the workers and against the imperialist NATO war.

With the war operations against the peoples of Yugoslavia the Schröder/Fischer government has committed a crime. Half a year ago it made the promise: "Germany politics is politics of peace". Now, it is responsible for a war of aggression involving German forces. What is called "a humanitarian relief program" is nothing else than imperialist power politics for the domination of the Balkans. This is part of the new NATO strategy to be able to intervene militarily in every country of the world for the interests of profit and power of the international monopolies. Against this strategy the working-class movement defends the right of self-determination of peoples and nations. All foreign troops must be withdrawn from the Balkans! No German troops in foreign countries!

Actually, the workers wanted to get rid of Kohl so that there would be some changes in their favor. However, the change of government has only exchanged the persons and the hypocritical slogans. It has taken some time for the working-class movement and some discussions as well to look through this game. However, the awakening of the class consciousness on a broad scale could not be undermined by the new government neither. And since February, the policies of the Schröder/Fischer government meets with mounting opposition of the masses.

In the wage disputes 1.5 million workers have achieved wage increases by militant actions without showing regard for Schröder's "alliance for work, training and competitiveness". This has frustrated the policy of class collaboration between the employers' associations, the federal government and the trade union bureaucracy carried out on the backs of the workers. In view of the impending transition to the world economic crisis the employers' association is rigorously insisting on pushing through its program of crisis management. The resignation of Lafontaine triggered an open political crisis. Since this political change the government has experienced the opposition of the population to every essential point of its politics:

There are more and more independent strikes and protest actions of the working-class movement against job cuts. Contrary to all announcements of the government about the reduction of mass unemployment, unemployment figures are rising taking into account seasonal fluctuations as well.

Within the environmental movement the policies of the federal government are increasingly rejected. The closing-down of nuclear power stations has been put off indefinitely.

The militant women's movement is getting stronger like on 8 March countering the allegation of the new federal government that the struggle for the liberation of women had become obsolete with its coming to power.

The international solidarity movement is protesting against the massive suppression of the protests of the Kurds - the promised new law of citizenship proves to be a measure of political suppression of our foreign colleagues.

Many people from all these movements are uniting in the active resistance against the NATO war in Yugoslavia. The working-class movement must become the backbone of this active resistance. Protest against the imperialist war in factories and trade unions! Millions of workers in Greece have already set an example for this with their strikes.

The unity of the working class guarantees the effective representation of the interests of the working-class:

1. In the offensive struggle against mass unemployment - for the 6-hour working day with full wage compensation as 30-hour workweek from Monday till Friday against flexibilization of working hours.

2. In the struggle for a full legal right to strike in all matters.

3. In the struggle against the imperialist war - for peace among peoples.

How should things continue? The change of government did not bring about a change of the political situation. Back to Kohl or to one of his successors is no alternative. A real turn-about requires the transformation of the social order of state monopoly capitalism. It is the immediate preliminary stage of socialism. The productive forces have developed to such a degree that humane living conditions and a high cultural level for the whole of mankind would be possible. Only the rule of the monopolies over the whole society is a hindrance to this progress.

The introduction of the socialist order of society will abolish the exploitation and oppression of the working masses. Unemployment, economic crisis and warmongering will be overcome. Everybody should participate in social activities according to his abilities and should get a share in the distribution of the social wealth according to his work. The working-class must control the mode of thinking of the leaders in the party, the economy and the state. This is the most important lesson from the restauration of capitalism in all former socialist countries. Socialism is not finished - it is the next social step forward in human history!


Workers of all countries, unite!

Dissolution of NATO, WEU and the intervention forces of the federal army!

No German forces in foreign countries!

Peace and international friendship!

6-hour workday with full wage compensation as a 30-hour workweek from Monday till Friday!

Full legal right to strike in all matters!

Foreign and German workers - one class, one enemy, one struggle!

Strengthen the MLPD - join the party now!

For work, peace, international friendship - genuine socialism!


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