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April 20, 1999: For an international front of active resistance against the imperialist NATO war in Yugoslavia!

Common Declaration of A/synechia - Greece, Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany (MLPD), Rode Morgen - Netherlands

Since the NATO began its aggression against the peoples of Yugoslavia on March 24, 1999, the war has been escalating. The alleged "humanitarian reasons" are pure hypocrisy. The same NATO politicians are supporting the NATO country Turkey with massive military aid in its policy of genocide against the Kurdish people.

The NATO war is the continuation of imperialist policy by other means. It is being conducted under the leadership of the superpower USA directly against the Milosevic regime, but its purpose is to further hit the independence, territorial integrity and sovereignty of Yugoslavia, which constitute an objective obstacle to the realization of the imperialists' plans. The next goal is the Caucasian-Caspian oil region. For this purpose, NATO is trying out its strategy of world-wide intervention. On the background of the deep economic and political destabilization of the imperialist world system, the NATO states, with the USA at the lead, are pressing for world hegemony. For this purpose, they have brought the mass media almost completely in line. Simultaneously, they are competing each other over the control of huge regions, with catastrophic consequences for the peoples. The "European Union" is actually obliged to follow the USA, despite the continued inter-imperialist competition. At the same time, the Western powers are trying to exclude imperialist Russia from the Balkans. It is clear that the reactions of the Russian regime have nothing to do with the support of the Balkan peoples, and they are directed by the effort to protect its "vital interests". The threat of a 3rd World War is intensifying.

The NATO imperialists only use the suppression of the Albanian population in Kosovo as a pretext to establish their own protectorate in Yugoslavia. They do not care at all for the fate of the Albanian minority, nor of any people in the region. They only use, whenever they decide it is opportune for them, this or the other population and the existing problems in order to advance their plans. They violate the sovereign rights of the peoples of Yugoslavia and bury them under their bombs. Furthermore, they cynically violate all the "international laws" that they themselves adopted and which are supposed to regulate the international relations. New weapons are being tested, arms production is being stepped up, and these enormous sums are being pressed out of the masses.

The justified concerns of the peoples are in the worst hands with the imperialists. The problems in the Balkans can only be solved by the peoples in a joint struggle for national and social liberation, against their reactionary governments, as well as against any imperialist intervention, and not by fighting against each other. That is why every imperialist "peace" dictate must also be rejected as well as the imperialist war itself.

The NATO war in Yugoslavia meets with worldwide protest and developing active resistance. International workers' unity is thereby the firm basis. The NATO war opens many people's eyes about the imperialist character of the so-called "New World Order". The workers and the oppressed of all countries must join together on an international level in the struggle against imperialism for a world without exploitation and oppression and must not allow themselves to be driven against each other in war. Workers of all countries, unite!

Wars and the threat of war will exist as long as imperialism remains. The masses do not want to decline into capitalist barbarity. The workers' struggles developing in the imperialist countries and the mass struggles and movements in the countries oppressed by imperialism are harbingers of a resurgence of the worldwide struggle for socialism.

We call upon the peoples of the world to joint together and practice active resistance:

Immediate stop of the imperialist NATO war against the peoples of Yugoslavia!

Dissolution of NATO and WEU!

All foreign troops, out of the Balkans!

Ban and destroy all ABC-weapons ­ Obligation of every government never to use ABC-weapons first!

Peace, peoples' friendship and socialism!


Revolutionary Communist Party, PCR, Argentina * Bangladesh Workers' Party, BWP, Bangladesh * Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist), PC(ML), Dominican Republic * A/synechia (revolutionary marxist organization), Greece * Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany, MLPD, Germany * Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Provisional Central Committee, CPI(ML)PCC, India * Marxist-Leninists from Indonesia * Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Janashakti Central Committee, CPI(ML) Janashakti CC, India * Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) New Democracy, CPI(ML)ND, India * Communist Organization Luxemburg, KOL, Luxemburg * Communist Party of Nepal - United Marxist-Leninists, CPN(UML) - Nepal * Marxist-Leninist Group/Red Morning, GML/Rode Morgen, The Netherlands * Revolutionary Popular Movement Paraguay/Pyahura, MPRPP, Paraguay * Amaru, Peru * Communist Party of the Philippines, CPP, Philippines * Communist Party of Turkey/Marxist-Leninist, TKP/ML, Turkey * Revolutionary Communist Party, PCR, Uruguay *

Contact addresses for further signatures

A/synechia: "Aristera!" Tsamadu 8, 10683 Athens, Greece; Tel.: #301 - 3839246; Fax:#301 - 3833955;

MLPD, Koststr.8, 45899 Gelsenkirchen, Germany; Tel:#209 - 951940; Fax:#209 - 9519460;

GML/Rode Morgen, Postbus 51245, NL-3007 GE Rotterdam, Netherlands, Tel: #10-4199054, Fax: #10-4860045


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