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April 15, 1999: Both the imperialist NATO war against Yugoslavia and an imperialist peace diktat must be rejected

6th Press Release of the Central Committee of MLPD

After three weeks of air attacks upon Yugoslavia, NATO was not able to reach its declared military goals. Despite the continuous bombing, NATO was not able to force the Milosevic regime to acknowledge the treaty of Rambouillet. Its essential element is the deployment of NATO troops in Yugoslavia to establish a NATO protectorate for controlling the entire Balkans. Within the past few days, intensived preparations for a transition to a ground war could be observed. Russia responded by threatening with military counteraction. Objections also came from various NATO countries. And, more importantly, protest and active resistance within the NATO countries and in the entire world against the NATO war in Yugoslavia constantly grew.

Because of the incalculable risk which an escalation of the NATO war brings, NATO’s leadership is trying to avoid the deployment of ground troops. Therefore, since the meeting of the NATO foreign ministers on April 12th, various concessions are being brought into play, attempting to push through the essence of the NATO goals by means of a diplomatic "solution". The "peace plan", drawn up by German foreign minister Fischer, thereby plays a key role. It entails a 24-hour cease-fire as soon as Serbian troops begin to retreat from Kosovo. Furthermore, the exclusive deployment of NATO troops, which was intended until now, is given up and an international force including Russian soldiers is proposed. These troops are also to be given a mandate by the UN Security Council. Various European NATO governments showed their approval of the basic concept of this plan at the EU special summit meeting on April 14th. Others want to "examine" it, while the US administration announced its protest. It especially rejects a "lull in the fighting" and demands that international "peace forces" must, in every case, be led by NATO. The EU summit further demands a "transitional administration" for Kosovo under the direct leadership of the EU.

Whatever, the "peace plan" is an imperialist peace diktat. The imperialist powers aim at controlling the Balkans militarily and politically in order to further enable the multinational monopolies to penetrate Eastern Europe economically. The Milosevic regime is the main obstacle for this. The MLPD rejects the German "peace plan" because it is a diktat and does not solve one single basic problem of the peoples of Yugoslavia. On the contrary:

The occupation of Kosovo by international troops is a breach of the right of national self-determination of the peoples of Yugoslavia.

NATO wants to form the main contingent of the international power forces in any case and thereby continue its plans for a protectorate.

The Kosovo Albanians are denied their right of self-determination and the UCK will be disarmed.

Whether under the direct leadership of the NATO or under UN mandate, in any case, an imperialist control of the Balkans is to be pushed through and, with that, its renewed colonization.


The MLPD demands instead the immediate and unconditional halt of the NATO aggression!

Within the past three weeks, a worldwide movement of active resistance against the NATO war in Yugoslavia developed. The MLPD and its youth league REBELL have actively participated. In Germany alone, initiatives for weekly rallies on Tuesdays took place on April 13th in almost 30 cities. They remind of Tuesday, March 23rd, 1999, when NATO General Secretary Solana gave the order to begin attacks. Active resistance against the NATO war must now also aim against the plans for an imperialist peace diktat!

The international working class and the working masses in all countries have an interest in a real peace for the peoples of the Balkans. That is the aim of international solidarity. A real peace for the peoples of the Balkans means:

Immediate and unconditional halt of the NATO attacks!

All foreign troops, out of the Balkans!

Respect of the right of self-determination of the Kosovo Albanians!

Respect of the right of self-determination of Yugoslavia!

Rejection of any imperialist intervention in the Balkans whether by means of war operations or by a peace diktat!

For the joint struggle of the Yugoslavian peoples against the reactionary Milosevic government for national and social liberation!

That is a difficult path, but it is the only one which will lead to a fundamental solution. Imperialist peace diktats only further stir up national contradictions and prepare new reactionary wars. Only the elimination of imperialist exploitation and oppression will lead to a lasting peace in the Balkans and in the entire world!


For peace, people’s friendship and genuine socialism!


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