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May 2, 1998: Kohl Government wants to raise the reputation of Neo-Fascists! Support the New Opposition now! Rebellion ist justified!

Joint declaration of the Central Committee of the Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany (MLPD) and the central leadership of the Youth League REBELL

Since the elections in the federal state Saxony-Anhalt a lie is being spread all over Germany. This lie states that the neo-fascists of the DVU (Deutsche Volksunion: German Peoples Union) are supposedly a protest-party. If this were true, you could protest against the Bonn government simply by voting for the fascist rabble-rousers.

It is exactly this disorientation of the working-class and peoples movement, which has every reason for struggling against the program of crisis management of the Bonn government and is actually waging this struggle, which is intended by this lie about protest. But these plans will not work. The neo-fascists are not a protest-party, but rabble-rousers and enemies of the working people.

  • Have fascist ideas ever been a protest against state monopoly capitalism?
  • How can you protest against the anti-people program of crisis management of the Bonn government by voting for the most reactionary representatives of monopoly capital?
  • Has the DVU ever opposed the Kohl-government in any form?

The wire pullers are in the Bonn government!

This raises the question of how it was possible that the neo-fascist DVU got 12.9 % of the vote in Saxony-Anhalt.

  • The DVU has no organizational structure at all in Saxony-Anhalt. The funds for its posters carrying the slogan vote for protest as well as the copies of Kanthers slogans, that are hostile to foreigners, were financed by government election funds coming from the taxes of the masses.
  • The DVU got the addresses from 240 public registration offices for its rabble-rousing and personal propaganda-letters to all young voters. These letters were delivered by the Federal Post Office.
  • The media as well contributed their part. With the deliberately propagated announcement that the DVU had chances of taking the 5% hurdle, the media systematically drew initial attention to the neo-fascists.

The deliberate building up of the neofascists is the most aggressive response to theemergence of the new opposition until now. The awakening of the class-consciousness on a broad front could not be checked by the policy of class collaboration with its negative orientation under the motto Alliance for jobs. With the support of the MLPD, signals of the working class offensive developed in many factories, mainly in form of independent strikes. There is also growing unrest among the unemployed, who must find their way to unite in struggle with the working population.

  • The new opposition involves forces of the militant working-class, womens and youth movement. It gains strength in the struggle for jobs and job training and apprenticeships. The aim of the DVU , however, is to undermine the unity of young and old and to smash the trade unions.
  • The new opposition takes part in the international campaign for the 6-hour-day with full wage compensation in the spirit of proletarian internationalism as a common worldwide demand. With its reactionary smear campaign, the DVU aims at splitting the unity of German and foreign workers and to erode international solidarity.
  • The new opposition is open for a liberated society and fights against capitalist exploitation and oppression. The DVU stands up for the most aggressive system of rule of the monopolies, for terror and murder of trade-union members, antifascists, democrats and Marxist-Leninists.

The alarm bell is ringing in the party centers in Bonn

The monopolies are bringing its neofascist variant of mass manipulation into play, because in the election year 1998 they are not succeeding in stabilizing their chosen government again. In the elections in the federal state of Saxony-Anhalt, the governing coalition in Bonn suffered its most severe setback up to now. The decline to the category of a second-rate party is causing great alarm within the party centers in Bonn.

Especially because the old opposition is increasingly losing its image as a real alternative to the Kohl-government. The 1.9% increase in votes for the SPD-government in Saxony-Anhalt is a miserable result. The Alliance/Greens have lost their seats in the last East-German state parliament. The Magedburg-model which has also been acclaimed by the PDS (Party of Democratic Socialism) as an alternative has failed.

Now it becomes obvious why the banning of all fascist organizations is being sabotaged for years. The monopolies keep the fascists ready as raiding parties against the struggles of the workers. Their controlled organization within the NPD (National Party of Germany) was deliberately promoted in recent times. The ban on the provocative parade of the NPD-fascists on the 1st of May in Leipzig was revoked by court on the grounds that it is a legal party!

Fight the fascists and the persons behind them within the government and the monopolies! Ban on all fascist organizations and on the propagation of fascist ideas!

Rebellion is justified!

In view of mass unemployment, growing poverty and the destruction of the environment, it is the youth who are especially open for a fundamental social alternative. Young people were in the front line of all the important struggles within the past years. In connection with the awakening of class consciousness on a broad front, a new youth movement has emerged in the struggle for regular jobs for young people after completing training, the protests against the transportation of nuclear wastes, and in the pupils and students protests.

The youth is on the left ...

... because it is the most active force for changing society. Therefore, it does not need to put up with the impudent smear campaign of the media about the so-called shift to the right. It must recognize and fight against the undermining and disorienting effects of the neo-fascist propaganda. The neo-fascist ideology does not originate in the minds of the youth, but has its roots in the capitalist system. It is the reactionary attempt to artificially maintain the system of exploitation and oppression.

But in 1993, youth already proved that it is not willing to let the fascists gain ground. At that time, the biggest anti-fascist-democratic mass movement emerged with activities involving 7 million people.

Now we are even more determined: strengthen the new opposition! Forward to genuine socialism!

Outside parliament and in the struggle against the policy of crisis management of the government, a new opposition has emerged. It is militant, self-conscious and self-reliant.

It will now extend its program and also go over to the offensive in the struggle against the neo-fascist threat.

Capitalism is the cause of this threat. Therefore, the consistent struggle against the neo-fascists also needs a clear social perspective and that is genuine socialism!

The MLPD has drawn the decisive conclusions from the degeneration of the petty-bourgeois bureaucracy in the former socialist countries and their transformation to capitalist countries: the masses must take the organization of social life as a whole into their own hands and exert strict control over the bureaucracy. Only with the proletarian mode of thinking can socialism be built up successfully.

The MLPD - in contrast to the old opposition need not show any consideration for this system of exploitation and oppression. It stands for the general elections and it commits its candidature to the cause of building up a new opposition and strengthening the perspective of genuine socialism.

Take an active part in the election campaign of the MLPD!

Support the direct candidates of the MLPD/Open List by your participation in the voter action groups!

Join the MLPD and REBELL!

Participate in the voter action groups!

In more than 30 voter action groups, young and old people, German and foreign workers are working together on the basis of equal rights, in order to support their respective direct candidate of MLPD/Open List. The common basis is the struggle against the Kohl-government and its program of crisis management. Every member can make a contribution according to what he wants and what he is able to do. Everything is decided upon, financed, organized and controlled independently on the basis of the jointly adopted principles. At the same time, the voter action groups form a sort of control organ from below, the candidates are accountable to them, also in case they are elected.

(The meetings of the voter action groups are published on the homepage in German language)

Attend the childrens festivals and summer camps of REBELL and RED FOXES.

Childrens festivals on Whitsun Sunday, May 31st in:

Gelsenkirchen at ABZ (workers education center), Koststr. 8

Stuttgart: in the youth camp Stuttgart-Feuerbach, bus stop at the sports park

Berlin (the place will be published)

Summer camps of REBELL in Alt Schwerin

Youth camps: July 11-25, 1998 and August 8-22, 1998

Childrens camps: July 25- August 8, 1998

More information from the Central Leadership of REBELL, Koststrasse 8, 45899 Gelsenkirchen

Opening hours: Monday-Friday 5-7 p.m.


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