No Chance for Anticommunism, Part 4

Lenin - Brilliant Leader of the Struggle against Imperialism and for Socialism

This film appears in the series "No Chance for Anticommunism – How up-to-date are the classics of Marxism-Leninism?"

Lenin's work for the liberation of humanity from exploitation and oppression is indelible. He was a brilliant theoretician of the working-class movement in the era of imperialism, and organizer of the victorious October Revolution, which ushered in the end of the First World War and the first building of socialism in one country.

His principles for socialist construction and the building of a revolutionary party of struggle have fundamental significance through today. Even more than a hundred years after the October Revolution, his legacy in theory and practice is of inestimable value for preparing the international socialist revolution under the present conditions of the deep crisis of world imperialism.