Statements and Declarations


Dienstag,  27.08.2019

Buchenwald International Informations regarding Buchenwald


Sonntag,  25.08.2019

Stefan Engel Polemic Against Diethard Möller’s Pamphlet “What About the International Revolution?”


Freitag,  09.08.2019

Interview with Stefan Engel 50 Years Theoretical Organ REVOLUTIONÄRER WEG


Donnerstag,  01.08.2019

ICOR website monthly contribution of MLPD The Greens Are Not Green


Dienstag,  30.07.2019

Up-To-Date Information for the Press and Public - 25 July 2019 Brutal murder threats against leading representatives of the MLPD in a new wave of fascist terror

CC MLPD, 25 July 2019 Protest against the ban of the antifascist memorial event on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the execution of Ernst Thälmann


Freitag,  07.06.2019

China Restoration of capitalism in the People's Republic of China

China China's Leadership Is Drifting in the Right Deviationist Wind!

China The "Theory of Three Worlds" as a Strategic Conception Smacks of Right-Wing Opportunism!

China HOXHA versus MAO TSETUNG - Defend Marxism-Leninism and Mao Tsetung Thought

China Excerpts on China from Revolutionärer Weg (Revolutionary Way – RW) Theoretical Organ of the Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany (MLPD)

China Today 7 From the Restoration of Capitalism to Social Imperialism in China

China Today 6 From the Restoration of Capitalism to Social Imperialism in China


Mittwoch,  10.04.2019

Translations Theoretical organ - REVOLUTIONARY WAY


Mittwoch,  20.03.2019

Venezuela Solidarity with the workers and the broad masses in Venezuela against US-imperialist threats and attacks!


Donnerstag,  14.03.2019

Interview with Gabi Fechtner Make purposeful use of extraordinary times


Samstag,  19.01.2019

Statement “It is disgusting the way the SPD wants to wash its hands of responsibility”


Montag,  03.12.2018

Gelsenkirchen Carrying a YPG flag is allowed. First-class acquittal for Monika Gärtner-Engel


Freitag,  04.05.2018

No chance for anti-communism Karl Marx


Mittwoch,  05.04.2017

MLPD Is a Party of a New Type About us


Freitag,  29.04.2016

Documentary Secure the victory! - The international Brigades for the reconstruction of Kobane

Artikel Join in and support! Solidarity Brigades for the Reconstruction of Kobanê

Artikel Syria: NATO plans warlike aggression

Artikel 10.12.2013: Statement of the CC of the MLPD on the death of Nelson Mandela

Artikel 20.12.2012 - "Many things have been set in motion ..."

Artikel 03.2011: Extracts on environment questions from Stefan Engel, Dawn of the International Socialist Revolution

Artikel 24.04.2012: A Great Ideological-Political Initiative in the Preparation of the Party Congress

Artikel Sever relations with the Erdoğan government! Vote NO in the referendum on the presidential system in Turkey!

Artikel Stefan Engel, Bourgeois Political Economy in Shambles - Some additions to the Marxist-Leninist crisis theory

Artikel Active resistance for a ban on fracking - worldwide!