Statements and Declarations


Mittwoch,  10.04.2019

Translations Theoretical organ - REVOLUTIONARY WAY


Mittwoch,  20.03.2019

Venezuela Solidarity with the workers and the broad masses in Venezuela against US-imperialist threats and attacks!


Donnerstag,  14.03.2019

Interview with Gabi Fechtner Make purposeful use of extraordinary times


Samstag,  19.01.2019

Statement “It is disgusting the way the SPD wants to wash its hands of responsibility”


Montag,  03.12.2018

Gelsenkirchen Carrying a YPG flag is allowed. First-class acquittal for Monika Gärtner-Engel


Freitag,  04.05.2018

No chance for anti-communism Karl Marx


Mittwoch,  05.04.2017

MLPD Is a Party of a New Type About us


Freitag,  29.04.2016

Documentary Secure the victory! - The international Brigades for the reconstruction of Kobane

Artikel Threat to ban the rebellious music festival needs full solidarity!

Artikel We Urgently Have to Strengthen Our Forces

Artikel Willi Dickhut: Hegel’s Logic as Culmination and End of Classical Philosophy

Artikel The lines are clear in the election campaign: Internationalist List/MLPD – With our slogan 'Protest is left' WE are the clear counterpole to AfD and all forces that have swung to the right

Artikel Video "Five questions to the MLPD, Vol.1" now available with English Subtitles

Artikel The shift to the right by the Merkel government is an expression of its latent crisis

Artikel The MLPD is Growing into a New Role in Society

Artikel The change of mood in 2015 and the 10th Party Congress of the MLPD

Artikel Syria: NATO plans warlike aggression

Artikel The battle over Kobanê is of worldwide importance! Long live international solidarity!

Artikel March 2011: Extracts from Stefan Engel, Dawn of the International Socialist Revolution

Artikel May Day 2016: International Working-Class Unity – for Jobs, Peace, Environment – Genuine Socialism!

Artikel On the Emergence of the New-Imperialist Countries

Artikel MLPD condemns the aggression of the fascist Turkish regime against Rojava (West Kurdistan/Syria) and Şengal (South Kurdistan/Iraq)!

Artikel MLPD call for participation in the worldwide day of action “Efrîn will live” on 21 March 2018 (Newroz)

Artikel MLPD Is a Party of a New Type

Artikel On 20th January the extremely reactionary, sexist, nationalist racist and protofascist politician Donald Trump will be sworn in as president of the USA

Artikel Join in and support! Solidarity Brigades for the Reconstruction of Kobanê

Artikel Europe Seminar

Artikel First publication by Willi Dickhut: Hegel’s Logic as Culmination and End of Classical Philosophy

Artikel Fascist death threats against Monika Gärtner-Engel and others

Artikel Final Resolution of the Stuttgart Party Congress of the MLPD 2012