War and Peace and the Socialist Revolution

Revolutionärer Weg, No. 22

War and Peace and the Socialist Revolution

Published in 1983

Since 1980, in Europe and in the Federal Republic of Germany a constantly growing peace movement had developed, as this was the period in which the nuclear arms race of the two imperialist superpowers, USA and Soviet Union, reached its pinnacle. The immediate cause was the NATO two-track decision of 1979 aiming at a new nuclear arms buildup with medium-range missiles within striking distance of the Soviet Union. This peace movement had a petty-bourgeois pacifist character. The task of the party was to take up the sincere wish for peace and convince the masses of the need for overthrowing the rule of imperialism as underlying cause of war.

Revolutionärer Weg, No. 22, elaborated the fundamental position of the Marxist-Leninists on the issue of war and peace and clarified the character of the Soviet Union as a social-imperialist superpower in line with this new development.

The emergence of a number of new-imperialist countries since the turn of the millennium has intensified the inter-imperialist rivalry tremendously, thus greatly aggravating the danger of a third world war. The book is very important for creating clarity in the struggle against this danger and making a contribution to the building of a strong, militant peace movement.