The Global Environmental Catastrophe Has Begun!

Huge forest and bush fires, gigantic downpours, dying forests, floods, drought disasters, and tornadoes – almost daily reports of disasters in newspapers and on news tickers.

A number of irreversible processes of destruction and self-destruction in nature are unfolding and calling survival into question in more and more regions. These processes make it clear that the global environmental catastrophe has begun!

Mainly responsible for this development are the international supermonopolies which, in their pursuit of maximum profit, ruthlessly and against better knowledge brush aside the urgently necessary environmental protection and acutely required emergency measures. All those who do not want to perish in the global environmental catastrophe are challenged today, as never before, to take up a society-changing struggle. The book makes unmistakably clear: the rescue of humanity will be possible only in genuine socialism.

This book is the supplement to the book, Catastrophe Alert! What Is to Be Done Against the Willful Destruction of the Unity of Humanity and Nature?, published in 2014. The supplementary volume proves that many of the prognoses made then are becoming a reality faster than expected. We are in a race against time!