State-Monopoly Capitalism in the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG)

Revolutionärer Weg, Nos. 16–19

State-Monopoly Capitalism in the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG)

Published in 1977-1979

Willi Dickhut, leading thinker and co-founder of the MLPD, always considered Revolutionärer Weg, Nos. 16 to 19, his principal work.

Nos. 16 to 19 describe the development towards state-monopoly capitalism in the FRG, work out the change in the crisis cycle of the economic crises, examine the political and military power in state-monopoly capitalism, and prove in No. 19 that state-monopoly capitalism is the immediate threshold to socialism.

Under the conditions of state-monopoly capitalism, the class struggle of the proletariat has become extremely complicated. The political and economic relations are very difficult to see through. The reality of state-monopoly capitalism, with its deep crisis manifestations, its constant danger of war, and its inability to solve even a single important problem of the working masses, had to be investigated.

Apart from the many fundamental statements that retain their validity through today, the books also are a lesson in the German history of capitalism.