History of the MLPD

Part I: Emergence, Development and End of the “Marxist-Leninist Movement”

Part II (2 volumes): Party Building from the KABD to the MLPD

The History of the MLPD is an introduction to the history of party building, its foundations, the struggles and debates that had to be fought out! It is an absolute must for all new members who want to familiarize themselves thoroughly with the origins of their party! Vividly and in detail it discusses the development of the “Marxist-Leninist movement,” the material bases of the confusion and fallacies of that period, and in particular the forming of KABD, the Communist Workers’ League of Germany, the predecessor of the MLPD. Like a red thread, the fundamental lesson runs through all three volumes: only victory over the petty-bourgeois mode of thinking opens the proletarian road to party building. The History of the MLPD, which covers the period up to the founding of the party in 1982, is a historical record and reference book in one, containing numerous documents and assessments of the situation in the class struggle and of the corresponding situations in party building. It also provides a good overview of how the MLPD gradually created its ideological-political foundations with the system of Revolutionärer Weg and how the new-type party was systematically built up and a cadre policy of a new type was developed.