Class Struggle and the Struggle for the Unity of Humanity and Nature

Revolutionärer Weg, No. 35
Class Struggle and the Struggle for the Unity of Humanity and Nature
Published in 2014

Book title: Catastrophe Alert! What Is to Be Done Against the Willful Destruction of the Unity of Humanity and Nature?

The impression is created in the public eye that the problem of the environment is in good hands with the ruling powers and their governments. But in reality, since the environmental crisis arose in the early 1970s they have been neither willing nor able to undertake any effective action against it. Instead, humanity is drifting at an unabated – and even accelerated – pace towards a global environmental catastrophe which has the potential for destroying the foundations of all human existence.
The responsibility for this development lies mainly with the international supermonopolies, which today control the entirety of world production and world trade as well as politics, economics and science in all countries. This book leaves no room for doubt that humanity must not leave the environmental issue up to the ruling social system. If it does, it will sink into capitalist barbarism!
The guiding principles of this book are the dialectical-materialist method and theory of Marx and Engels, who started from the fundamental unity of humanity and nature. With the emergence of reformism in the working-class movement at the end of the nineteenth century, these fundamentals were rejected, disregarded, even systematically cast aside. This negatively influences the working-class and people’s movements to this day. The book comes to the conclusion that the strategy and tactics of revolutionaries all over the world must be enlarged and raised to a higher level with the environmental question.