Threat to ban the rebellious music festival needs full solidarity!

16 May 2018 -To Turkish and Kurdish Organizations: Dear friends, dear comrades, we inform you about the martial threat of the police against the rebellious music festival in Truckenthal/Thuringia on Whitsun.

 Tuesday evening and Wednesday massive threats of the state police inspection Saalfeld against the festival became known, see our press release on the website

The performance of the progressive Turkish band Grup Yorum has to serve as pretext for this drastic intervention.

We are aware of the contradictions among Kurdish and Turkish organizations. But in the approach against criminalization of progressive and revolutionary people, whether in Turkey, Kurdistan, Germany or elsewhere, no sheet of paper may fit between us. Any disagreement in this issue only serves those in power.

Now full solidarity is required!

We rely on your solidarity!

Protest against criminalization!

Come to the rebellious music festival in masses and mobilize a broad participation!

Long live international solidarity!


Monika Gärtner-Engel

Secretary for Internationalism