MLPD condemns the aggression of the fascist Turkish regime against Rojava (West Kurdistan/Syria) and Şengal (South Kurdistan/Iraq)!

Gelsenkirchen, April 26, 2017: During the night from 24 to 25 April 2017 the Turkish Air Force carried out intense air strikes with at least 26 airplanes against targets in Rojava (Syria) and the Yazidi population in Şengal (Sinjar-Kurdistan/Iraq). In these attacks, civilians and Kurdish fighters, women and men, were killed. Moreover, radio stations and the headquarters of the YPG (People's Defense Units) in Karaçokê were destroyed.

 At the same time, there were military provocations by the Turkish army against the canton Efrîn of Rojava. Also on the morning of 26 April, the Turkish Air Force continued its imperialist aggression. The attacks started on the day of the 102nd anniversary of the genocide against the Armenian people and the Christian minority of the Chaldeans, in which almost 1.5 million people were murdered. The fascist Erdogan regime justifies this genocide until today.

Monika Gärtner-Engel, responsible person for internationalism of the CC of MLPD declares:

The MLPD condemns this military aggression of the fascist Erdogan regime. It is an expression of increased aggressiveness in the face of the various defeats it has suffered. In the referendum on the presidential system, Erdogan was forced to declare as official result that in spite of massive repression and manipulation of public opinion half of the voters had voted ‘No/Hayir’ and the antifascist solidarity has grown. He had speculated on winning by a large margin, not least to be able to take action against the Kurdish movement from a ‘strengthened’ position. The autonomous region Rojava with its promising self-governance including special women's rights and ethnic and religious equality was built in a determined and brave struggle against the fascist gangs of ISIS. At the moment, the successful advance of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) towards the central bastion of ISIS in Raqqa is progressing. Within the SDF, the Kurdish People's and Women's Defense Forces of YPG and YPJ are core troops. Also in the defense of the Yazidi people against ISIS in Şengal, YPG and YPJ were on the front line in the fight. The ICOR with its 50 member organizations agreed a solidarity pact with the Kurdish liberation struggle based on mutual help and solidarity. It is now challenged again. The fascist, imperialist aggression of Erdogan must be made known everywhere and condemned, and the autonomous democratic self-governance fought for and gained in Rojava must be supported by all antifascist, anti-imperialist and revolutionary forces, also on May Day, the international day of struggle of the working class and day of struggle of the ICOR.”

The Turkish regime justifies the military aggression by saying it was directed against so-called “terrorists”.

Roland Meister, lawyer and candidate of the Internationalist List/MLPD in the elections for the Landtag in North Rhine-Westphalia on 14 May, declares on this matter:

Rojava stands for the successful struggle for freedom and democracy, for women's rights, environmental protection, and respect for all nations and religions. The struggle for freedom and democracy is fundamentally different from fascist terror and reactionary imperialist wars. I expressly condemn the federal government and its collaboration with the Erdogan regime. With authorizations for the prosecution of Kurdish and revolutionary politicians, who are put on trial before German state security senates in so-called 129 a/b proceedings, with the PKK ban and its recent extension to the PYD, YPG and YPJ in Rojava, it directly supports the fascist Regime in Turkey.”

The fascist ruling system with T. Erdogan at its head must be outlawed and all diplomatic and economic relations with Turkey severed.

The Internationalist List/MLPD demands:

All imperialist troops – Hands off Rojava and Syria! Solidarity with the Kurdish liberation struggle!

Strengthen the Internationalist Alliance!

Vote List 26, Internationalist List/MLPD, on 14 May in the Landtag elections in North Rhine-Westphalia!