Congratulation on the organized solidarity! Resistance against the deportation of democrats is justified!

The MLPD and its youth organization Rebell strongly condemn the big police raid in the regional refugee center (LEA) Ellwangen on 3rd May 2018. At the raid in the morning lasting for hours some hundred of mobile task forces were deployed with several vehicles with the support of the Regional Criminal Police Office

The streets around the accommodation were cordoned off a wide area around the site. That was like an exercise for civil war. In the meantime the inhabitants report how brutally they were pushed on the ground, the hands tied with ropes, searched and kicked. What happened?

On Monday, 30th April 2018 inhabitants of the LEA prevented the deportation of a 23 year old refugee from Togo. He should be deported to Italy according to the Dublin agreement. He is not accused of any criminal acts. The inhabitants organized an information network via mobile phone and 150 to 200 of them gathered in the building in which the police was busy with the person affected. Their solidarity was successful! The police could not realize the deportation! On Thursday the retaliation of the police followed. There must be no “unlegislated area” were the grounds. The legitimacy of such “strikes” is therefore given as soon as there is organized resistance.

For the inhabitants of the LEA are accused of nothing else! They were already suspected because they were not as usual staying in the corridors and places of the LEA in the night before Monday. Instead of that there were a few persons on “strategically good positions” who handled with mobile phones. They were supposed to get the information network under way. Now they are threatened with the accusation of the liberation of prisoners, breach of the peace and acting as ringleaders. Some of them were “transfered” to other refugee accommodations. With that the justified union against the police arbitrariness declared as rule of law is being criminalized. Refugees who took the long, uncertain and mainly very dangerous way even risking their lives because they could no longer live in their countries of origin should not be allowed to defend themselves if they should be deported, and not at all in an organized way.

Solidarity is a great asset! The inhabitants of the LEA acted selflessly and in solidarity! The background is the intensified shift to the right – it is justified against refugees, Kurds and left people because all others should be better “protected” just from them. Thus the rabble-rouser and minister of the interior, Seehofer, speaks in this case of a “slap in the face of the law-abiding population”. This (social)-chauvinist slander is designed to bring about division and serves to pave the way for a further shift to the right which in reality is directed against the broad masses of the population for already a long time. In these times and in this country there are enough reasons for uniting in an organized form: in the struggle against the causes of flight, for saving the environment from the profit economy, against the closure of enterprises, for jobs and reduction in working hours, for the liberation of women and against sexism – in general for a future worth living!

All this has to be qualified as internal aspect of the general tendency towards the preparation of an imperialist war. The chauvinist slander is directly orientated to strengthen nationalist groupings like the AfD. This should also stir up feelings with concepts of the enemy (like presently also the smear campaign against refugees in the course of the “debate about anti-semitism”) which is fundamental for a preparation of imperialist war.

MLPD and Rebell are consequently on the side of the oppressed against such an action of the state power and organize the solidarity. It is that what the refugees need now against the massive slanders from all channels of the bourgeois media. For this we call on all young people, women, workers – the whole population. The Rebellious Music Festival at Whitsun, from 18th to 20th May in Truckenthal in Thuringia stands for that. It is the just answer to this criminalization and suppression of solidarity and organized resistance. Everyone who wants to become active against exploitation and oppression, who wants to unite with fantastic music and in an atmosphere of solidarity – should not miss this festival. Rebellion is no crime! Come to the Rebellious Music Festival! Organize yourself in a revolutionary way - join the MLPD and Rebell!