Letter of condolence

Letter of condolence

MLPD protests assassination of "Ka Bok" and condoles

Dear Comrades, we condemn the cowardly murder of Comrade Menandro Villanueva (Ka Bok).

MLPD protests assassination of "Ka Bok" and condoles
(foto: Philippine Revolution Web Central)

We learn from your reports that he was tortured for days in captivity by the reactionary military under fascist Duterte and murdered in early January. We mourn him with you, with the comrades of the CPP (Communist Party of the Philippines), the NPA (New People's Army) and the NDFP (National Democratic Front of the Philippines) and his relatives. It is hard to beat hypocrisy that the mili - tary also justifies this brutal act of state terror as ending the "terror regime." In truth, he fought selflessly for five decades for the national and social liberation of the Filipino people.

Comrade Menandro Villanueva was a member of the CPP Central Committee and its Political Bureau, National Commander of the NPA and Secretary of the Mindanao Commission.

You describe him as a determined, intelligent, effective fighter for the liberation of the working class and the people from exploitation and oppression, who remained humble and connected to the masses,

His death is a bitter loss for the revolutionary movement in the Philippines. It is a loss for all people who struggle for a society free from exploitation and oppression, socialism.

We will continue to campaign vigorously to stop this anti-communist wave of terror in the Philippines and for the German government to immediately end its cooperation with the fascist Duterte regime.

The Duterte regime is trying to spread demoralization and opportunism. Instead, let us honor his memory and intensify efforts in the struggle against anti-communism, fascism and imperialism and for the international socialist revolution.

With solidarity greetings

Gabi Fechtner, Party Chairwoman of the MLPD

Monika Gärtner-Engel, responsible for internationalism of the MLPD

Peter Weispfenning, member of the Central Committee of the MLPD