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ICOR website monthly contribution of MLPD

The Greens Are Not Green

Climate and environment are among the most important political issues among the population

Von Rote Fahne magazine 13/19 – Main article

Environmental consciousness has awakened on a broad front. Since the beginning of the year, more than one million, mostly young people, have been protesting in Germany as part of the worldwide "Fridays for Future" movement. The transition to a global environmental catastrophe is clearly and noticeably accelerating. With the flooding of mines begun by the mining corporation RAG, a regional drinking water catastrophe threatens in North Rhine-Westphalia. The vast majority of the population do not want to accept this process of the willful destruction of the natural foundations of life. While the parties of the grand coalition CDU/CSU and SPD have become untrustworthy in the environmental question for large parts of the masses, the Greens are currently experiencing a soaring flight. But they are by no means the right answer to this development which is threatening humanity. In the latest Environmental Awareness Study by the Federal Environment Agency, the majority expressed their dissatisfaction with climate protection in industry and politics. For 81 percent of those surveyed, the energy transition is advancing too slowly. A deep crisis of confidence is affecting all of bourgeois politics. Those in power hear the alarm bells ringing: Criticism of capitalism is growing, especially of its law-governed destruction of the environment.

The Greens are currently being massively upgraded as a part of the bourgeois manipulation of opinion of constantly presenting the masses with new "alternatives" within a bourgeois framework. With all means. Robert Habeck is said to be the most attractive politician, the staff unspent and the policy consistently climate-friendly. Far from that! If you look at the policy of the Greens from a consistently environmental point of view, then, like the dried up meadows and fields in the drought summer of 2018, everything green will dry up. The Greens are supposed to help organize new, stable governmental relations and are regarded as important majority providers for future governments. For such reasons, none of the bourgeois parties is really attacking the Greens. The MLPD is different. It says: The Greens are not green!

Anyone who wants to make serious environmental politics today must be judged by how he or she deals with the existential questions of the future. The interaction and intensification of nine main factors is currently accelerating the transition to a global environmental catastrophe: The destruction of the ozone layer, the accelerated destruction of forests, the imminent global climate catastrophe, the significant increase in regional environmental catastrophes, the imminent danger of oceans collapsing, the destruction of regional ecosystems and the extinction of species, the ruthless overexploitation of natural resources, waste proliferation, poisoning and pollution as well as the irresponsible use of nuclear energy. The global environmental catastrophe can only be prevented by a society-changing struggle. How do the Greens respond to these questions?

Ozone hole? Death of forests?

For the Greens this belongs to the past. "Rivers became cleaner again, the sky blue again," the Green Federal Managing Director, Michael Kellner, rejoices in April 20191 about environmental policy since the end of the 1980s. Hallelujah! How dumb does he think people are? According to the motto, they all won't notice that the RAG pollutes the rivers in the Ruhr area and the Rhineland with PCBs through the unfiltered discharge of mine groundwater. The Greens have never had anything to do with the workers who have uncovered this mess anyway.

It is also a fact that the “ozone-hole” is even expanding again in some regions in interaction with global warming and new chemical ozone killers2. And the destruction of the rainforests is being massively promoted by international supermonopolies, such as the Brazilian President Bolsonaro. And the Greens? They merely demand a renegotiation of the Mercosur Treaty of the EU with Latin American countries with "binding social and ecological standards".3 As if the leading corporations would restrict their profit dictate over the whole society with such illusionary measures.

In 2016, together with the SPD, the Greens in the NRW state government decided to give further mining permits to RWE for opencast mining in Hambach and so for the destruction of the Hambach forest. Mass protests developed against that in the autumn of 2018 and succeeded in temporarily stopping the clearing of the forest. A revealing "defense" was delivered by Wibke Brems, the Green spokeswoman for energy policy in the state parliament. She went so far as to say that the Greens had "negotiated hard with the SPD" at the time, that the result was an "unbelievable political success". In fact, the extension and continuation of the environmentally destructive opencast mining was so approved and disguised as an "entrance into the exit". At the beginning of the year, the Greens played a leading role in the coal commission's proposal to maintain coal-fired energy (which is profitable for the monopolies) for another 20 years or even longer if necessary.

A pattern that already worked well with the half-hearted decision to shut down nuclear power plants. Under the Green Environmental Minister Jürgen Trittin, transferable "residual quantities of electrical power" were agreed in 2002, fixed shutdown dates were expressly not set, castor transports were implemented by force against the blockades of environmental activists. In 2018, the Greens, together with Jürgen Trittin, once again took part in the sale of indulgences for the nuclear companies, to rid themselves forever of all eternal and consequential costs for 23 billion euros.

The Greens brazenly boast that they are the only party for climate protection. However, in view of the dramatic global warming, the Green Party's sparse concrete demands for the EU elections make you stop short about their green "cosiness": The full switch to renewable energies shall not be completed until 2050.4 As early as 2013, a study by Stanford University showed that this could already be achieved by 2030 with annual investment costs of around seven percent of the world's social product. The only climate that the Greens protect is that of capitalist investments and profits.

In view of the masses of people who are being driven all over the world, also through an increase in regional environmental catastrophes, the Greens only talk about having "climate-induced migration and flight become more dignified".5 This is the consequence if you see yourself first and foremost responsible for keeping the destructive imperialist world system alive. Then you are content to mitigate the worst effects. As an anti-pole, the MLPD is proud to fight for the right to flee on an anti-fascist basis, as well as against the causes of the threatening global environmental catastrophe. And to combine this with the struggle for the revolutionary overcoming of imperialism.

Capitalist "factual constraints" - deadly for humankind

The so-called "pragmatic constraints", to which all bourgeois monopoly parties - and thus also the Greens - are bound, guarantee the competitiveness and profit maximization of the internationally active supermonopolies. Only when these are secured may the environment be given some consideration. The dramatic problem with these capitalist "factual constraints": With them, the survival of humankind is acutely endangered in the foreseeable future. They prevent urgently necessary determined immediate measures to protect the environment.

The book Catastrophe Alert! What is To Be Done Against the Willful Destruction of the Unity of Humanity and Nature describes the role of the Greens correctly: “Under the slogan 'Give business a green direction' (2013 program for the federal elections, p. 21) in its programs, in its politics at the federal level, and with its leadership, today this party has become a chief supporter of imperialist enviromentalism. It engages in greenwashing for bourgeois monopoly politics.6

Annalena Baerbock of the Green leadership duo was even allowed to give the closing speech at the "Day of Industry" on 4 June directly after her "brilliant" European election results. This "bid" was welcomed very favorably by the assembled monopolists. “Deutsche Welle” radio comments: "Anyone who would have expected the Green party leader Baerbock to devote herself primarily to climate policy was surprised. Instead, she was mainly concerned with the dispute with China and the USA and the future of the European domestic market".7 She explicitly gave the all-clear to the profit interests of the CEOs: "I'm not threatening with new limits ... but I want to secure the industrial locations in Europe together". 8 That speaks volumes: With the Greens, the main polluters and those primarily responsible for environmental destruction, the leading international corporations and banks, are being taken out of sight. Even more: The EU chauvinism spread by the Greens is fully in line with the monopoly associations for a tough management of their interests in the global competition. That means that workers and the environment are both going to suffer.

The policy of the Greens must certainly be distinguished from what many of their voters subjectively expect. For many, their vote for the Greens was a hoped-for opportunity to put their growing environmental consciousness on the ballot, to emphasize the demands of the environmental movement, and so on. But such hopes are in the wrong place here. A vote for the Greens can perhaps reassure one's conscience, or it may follow the illusion of making a contribution to environmental protection or may seem more convenient at first than having to take action oneself ... But the Greens will not prevent the environmental catastrophe. On the contrary!

A party that is really in favor of environmental protection must have backbone. It cannot hook up with capitalism. It must take up the fight with the leading monopolies that are responsible for the whole problem. Above all, it must advocate a fundamental change in society, in which the unity of humanity and nature is the guiding principle of society as a whole. If capitalism is the fundamental evil of environmental destruction, then there can only be one conclusion: Those who want to save the environment and humanity must also overcome imperialism and the profit dictate of monopolies over the whole of society. This perspective of a socialist society liberated from the exploitation of humanity and nature is represented in Germany only by the MLPD. It organizes active resistance locally for saving the natural environment and promotes that concrete environmental struggles develop into a school of a society-changing struggle. That these contribute to gathering the forces for the international revolution. It is the party of radical and determined environmental protection.

Fight for environmental protection and jobs

A focal point of the chronic poisoning of humans and nature, the struggle for clean water and the necessary unity of the working-class and environmental movement is currently located in the Ruhr area and Saarland. With the flooding of the coal mines that were shut down, the RAG wants to "bury" its legalized environmental crime of storing 1.6 million tons of toxic waste underground and polluting the mines with over 10,000 tons of the ultra-poison PCB. The miners' movement "Miners for AUF", the militant workers' and environmental movement, non-party-affiliated municipal personal voting alliances and the MLPD are among those who are vigorously fighting together against this threat of the poisoning of ground and drinking water for more than six million people, against the dismissal of 200 miners, for jobs in environmental protection and against the cuts in retirement benefits and rising costs of rent by the RAG.

While one or another lukewarm protest against the PCB in the mine water can be heard from the Greens, the 1.6 million tons of toxic wastes are notoriously concealed by them. There are reasons for this: Under the responsibility of the first Green environmental minister of North Rhine-Westfalia Bärbel Höhn (term of office 1995-2005) nothing at all was undertaken against the poisonous waste storage approved by the previous SPD federal state government. Neither was this taken seriously nor made public - and this despite the fact that the Greens had repeatedly addressed the issue before Höhn's term of office. Suddenly it was gone. Thus this procedure was covered and tolerated. After all, it was also "their" buried toxic waste. A large part comes from the slags and used filters of the waste incineration plants. These were pushed through from 1998 to 2005 under the Green environmental minister Jürgen Trittin as standard waste treatment in Europe. Against massive protests.

Presently the 70th anniversary of the constitution is being celebrated everywhere. What would the Greens say to an amendment to the constitution which includes the obligation to radical environmental and animal protection? Or the ban of the introduction of poisons which impair the unity of human beings and nature? It would soon become clear how little the Greens would be prepared to make such fundamental commitments. Because they know exactly that they would so be harming the interests of the monopolies - and - that they themselves have contributed to toxic waste crimes.

The garish-green project - to save capitalism with anticommunism

While alliances with corporate leaders and those mainly responsible for environmental destruction are explicitly not a problem for the Greens, they also take the lead in spreading modern anticommunism. And then they become garish-green! Many of their representatives are active as key witnesses of anticommunism. They became aggressive factors for upholding order against Marxist-Leninists in the antifascist, environmental and peace movement. They fight capitalism-critical and revolutionary forces e.g. in the Fridays-for-Future movement with all means including physical force and exclusion with police assistance. Most recently in Berlin, Heilbronn, Braunschweig, Villingen and Düsseldorf on 24 May. To them, escapades of modern anticommunism are more important than a joint environmental struggle. As a system-conforming and anticommunist factor for upholding order in the environmental movement, they play the same role as the right-wing social-democratic trade-union leadership in the working-class movement. Thus the hype about the Greens ends up in the pure defense of capitalism and its greenwashing at all costs.

Jens Petring, Green state representative in NRW, proudly declared in 1997: "We are the better moderators for the inevitable."9 Starting as a petty-bourgeois protest party in the 1970s, the Greens developed into a state-supporting bourgeois monopoly party climaxing in their participation in the federal government in 1998. Their subordination to the monopoly interests thus became "inevitable". Today's economic compulsion in capitalism to systematically and universally destroy the vital unity of humanity and nature cannot and must not be co-moderated if humankind does not want to perish. Therefore an effective environmental movement must also come to grips with the imperialist ecologism of the Greens. Really "inevitable" for the solution of the environmental question is a society-changing environmental struggle!

Save the environment from profit economy ...

... is the basic line of the MLPD's rank-and-file environmental work with its environmental groups. As a founding member of the revolutionary world organization ICOR, it also works on the necessary internationalization and unification of the (environmental) struggles. In an international, active resistance front - for a future of humankind in the united socialist states of the world. A society-changing environmental struggle with a revolutionary perspective needs a strong MLPD. Anyone who is consistently against the right-wing development of the government and the bourgeois parties; anyone who consistently stands for saving the environment from the profit economy must also come to grips with the petty-bourgeois "green" way of thinking, of establishing oneself in capitalism and justifying this with pseudo-critical background music. One has to come to grips with modern anticommunism, with which the Greens appear as particularly "undogmatic" and liberal, in order to enforce reactionary and imperialist-ecological policies in reality. There is no in-between: Either one stands on the side of the working class, the oppressed and the liberation from capitalist exploitation and oppression. Or one reconciles oneself with capitalism. Then one must also support the entire inhuman politics. In the long run, the Greens cannot hide behind a green fig leaf. Today is the time to make courageous decisions - for real, fundamental solutions and changes! Join the MLPD and its youth organization Rebell. Strengthen the environmental groups and environmental construction groups of the MLPD!

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