Video "Five questions to the MLPD, Vol.1" now available with English Subtitles

The Video shows MLPD Chairman Stefan Engel, answering five significant questions regarding the Refugee policy.

It is now also available with English subtitles.

The five questions it handles are:

Question 1: Has the refugee question been solved because fewer refugees are coming to Germany at the moment?

Question 2: How shall the refugees be integrated in Germany?

Question 3: Is there a swing to the right in Germany?

Question 4: What position is the MLPD taking in this polarization?

Question 5: What does all this mean for the practical work of the MLPD?

The video can be viewed through the link to the youtube channel

or directly here:




To see the English subtitles:

  • After having opend the video, klick on the Settings wheel ("Einstellungen")
  • choose subtitles ("Untertitel")
  • choose the English language

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