Chapter G - Winning Over the Broad Masses for the Struggle for Socialism

1. In its struggle for state power and in socialist construction, the working class needs allies.

2. The petty-bourgeois strata base their existence on the capitalist relations of production and therefore form the principal mass base of monopoly dictatorship. But the systematic destruction of their bases of subsistence by the monopolies and the state pushes an ever growing part of the petty-bourgeois strata into ruin. Thus, objectively, an irreconcilable contradiction to the monopoly bourgeoisie develops.

3. In the course of the development of state-monopoly capitalism, the class structure has changed since World War II. The number of wage-earning intellectuals has grown considerably, whereas the number of small and medium-sized farmers, due to progressing industrialization of agriculture and the state's agricultural policy, has dropped sharply and will drop further. Also concentration of capital in trade and industry forces self-employed tradesmen on an unprecedented scale to give up their business, which makes them lose their existence. This general tendency is not abrogated by the fact that new small enterprises are founded on a mass scale.
The petty-bourgeois intellectuals have become the dominant petty-bourgeois stratum. They are the main social base of the system of the petty-bourgeois mode of thinking.
The circumstances of life and work of the lower stratum of the dependent intellectuals in particular have, more or less strongly, become similar to those of the working class. The petty-bourgeois intellectuals have thus become the main ally of the working class. The working class will also find allies among the small and middle farmers, the craftsmen, the small traders and retailers.

4. As class struggle develops and the MLPD de­ velops into the revolutionary party of the ­ masses, the working class must understand how to assert the leading influence of the proletarian mode of thinking among the intermediate strata. This is the only way for the working class itself to successfully deal with the effects of the petty-bourgeois mode of thinking, tear away large sections of the intermediate strata from the influence of monopoly capital in the acutely revolutionary situation, win them over as political allies for the proletarian revolution and neutralize other sections.

5. However, the revolutionary alliance with sections of the petty bourgeoisie is only possible if they realize that it is capitalism which destroys their basis for existence. The future interests of the petty-bourgeois strata lie in building a socialist society, which they must support with all their strength and abilities. The essence of preparing the alliance is to systematically remold their mode of thinking into the proletarian one, this being deeply sensed as the result of their own free will.


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