Chapter F - The Way to Liberation of the Working Class in Germany

1. The strategic aim of the class struggle of the working class is to take over political power. It is the task of the MLPD to win over the decisive majority of the working class for socialism and to develop its struggle higher to an all-round struggle against monopoly capital and the state, monopoly capital's political instrument of power. In order to achieve this, the party does systematic and persevering rank-and-file work aimed at uniting the working class, starting from united action on minor questions and proceeding to the united front on all essential questions.

2. It is the duty of every Marxist-Leninist at work and in the trade unions to actively prepare and initiate workers' action on daily matters and to exert every effort to develop it further towards class struggle.

3. The core of the revolutionary tactics of the MLPD is to combine economic and political struggle, or rather, to convert economic struggle into political struggle, and to direct class struggle towards the socialist objective. To achieve this, the working class must go the way of the working-class offensive.

4. By building the proletarian united front as the heart of the movement, the MLPD organizes the struggle for the protection of the natural environment, for the liberation of women, for the defense and extension of social gains, bourgeois-democratic rights and liberties, against the fascization of the state apparatus and against the militarization of the state and society. Also, the party must put the leadership of the working class into effect in the struggle of broad sections of the people against fascism, imperialist war and the danger of imperialist war. Building the proletarian united front will be successful if equal and common forms of struggle and organization are created in interrelation between the party and the militant women's movement, the active resistance of the people and the rebellion of the youth.

5. The MLPD wages a resolute struggle against reformism and revisionism and educates the working class and other strata of the working people in the spirit of scientific socialism.
In particular, the party must systematically accompany the masses so that they successfully deal with the various forms of the petty-bourgeois mode of thinking in every economic and political situation, at every concrete turn of the class struggle and in all issues of life. The MLPD can banish the danger of ultra-Left sectarianism or opportunism in its rank-and-file work only in this way. The higher development of the proletarian class consciousness of the working class up to socialist consciousness is the result of the conscious organization of the superiority of the proletarian mode of thinking in the struggle against the petty-bourgeois mode of thinking.

6. The MLPD builds upon the revolutionary traditions of the KPD, the German proletariat and its great leaders Karl Liebknecht, Rosa Luxemburg and Ernst Thälmann. As working-class struggles grow in strength, the MLPD has the task to increasingly become the party of the masses. Without promoting and constantly developing the interaction with the trade unions and other self-run organizations of the masses, the party cannot pursue this road successfully.
In order to achieve this, it must be armed with scientific socialism, must possess a great wealth of experience, be tempered in class struggle and know how to lead the working class in the struggle against monopolist rule. The struggle over the mode of thinking of the masses requires that the MLPD works on the basis of the proletarian mode of thinking and avoids mistakes by all means. The purpose is to convey to the masses the capacity to find their own bearings in the class struggle.

7. The relative stabilization which new German imperialism could gain after World War II has given way to a process of destabilization of state-monopoly society. When the petty-bourgeois mode of thinking as a means to corrode proletarian class consciousness is no longer effective, then the working class will go on the offensive.
The precondition of this is that the ruling monopolies and their state are faced with an economic and political crisis so severe that they can no longer rule in the old way, and the great majority of the working people are no longer willing to go on living in the old way. In this situation, economic and political mass strikes and demonstrations will prevail.
The working class has the wish that the revolution could win without the use of violence. But the issue of violence rises independently of the will of the proletariat. With the struggles taking a revolutionary upswing, the monopolies, according to all historical experience, will attempt to maintain their power by means of brutal force. Therefore, the working class must rise up in arms under the leadership of its party. In the overthrow of imperialism and the smashing of the bourgeois state apparatus, proletarian class struggle attains its highest form in capitalism.

8. Under the conditions of the fully developed internationalization of production, socialist revolution will adopt an international character. Today, the international collaboration of the imperialists in organizing counterrevolution and the interaction with the international class struggle hardly allow the possibility of a revolutionary process being led to victory if isolated in one country.
Proletarian class struggle is mainly national in form. It will generate various revolutionary movements proceeding in leaps and differing in character and breadth in each country. And yet, in its essence, it will be a world revolutionary process with mass strikes, mass demonstrations and revolutionary struggles of the individual countries standing in mutual, inseparable interaction.
Therefore, the future proletarian strategy and tactics in each country must be grasped essentially as a preparation for the international revolution. It must develop and actively support appropriate forms of organizing the international coordination and revolutionization of the struggles of the workers and the masses of the people. This is the way towards the unity of the international Marxist-Leninist and working-class movement and towards a new upsurge of the world revolution.
The international proletariat is the guarantee for the creation of a classless society which no longer knows national borders.

9. In the spirit of proletarian internationalism, the MLPD obliges itself to support, morally, politically and materially, the liberation struggle of the proletariat and oppressed peoples of other countries against imperialism.
Every victory of the workers' struggles all over the world, every victory of the oppressed peoples in their struggle for national and social liberation gives strength to the struggle here in this country. And, in turn, every victory of working-class struggle in Germany gives strength to the struggle of the working class of all countries and of the oppressed peoples against imperialism.


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